Rimmel - Green With Envy + Ozotic - n. 504

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Picture heavy post this time, sorry in advance if this is a bother for any of you :^/

First of all, I like layerings, they're fun and make me use my polishes a LOT more than just simply slapping them one by one every week :>

These are three coats of "Green With Envy" plus two coats of n. 504:


Same here, but in artificial light, it was SO dark outside in the morning...

(artificial light)

This combo was born totally random because of... lacking of time :D
One sunday evening (well, night), I decided to apply this Rimmel, which is a BOMB of aqua-emerald metallic green polish; problem is that it requires at least three coats (so sheer!), and it dries very slowly: result, you get bubbles >.<

Here it is "Green With Envy" on its own, bubbles and everything :D

(artificial light)

Another shade so hard to picture: it's a tad greener in real life, but you can see it has a blue side too. ♥_♥

I wore it alone for a day, but I hate bubbles, so I tried to cover them up with something else; so why not to choose a multichrome polish?
You don't always had to wear them over a black, they're AMAZING over lighter colours too!

Next two pictures are just one coat of n. 504, how beautiful?
N. 504 lays a purple veil over the green *_*

(artificial light)

But remember n. 504 is a multichrome, from purple to orange/gold, look at those colours!

(artificial light)

After two days, I decided to add another coat of n. 504... Perfection!
Here I managed to capture all the colours, it really has that oil slick appearance on surface and it's even way more visible to the naked eye!


It changes a little from indoor lighting to outdoor, indoor is deeper and much more intense, outdoor (overcast) it shows more colours:

Unfortunately, sun didn't show up too much these days, I bet this would be fantastic in full sun, but, oh well, I'll retry it in spring.

"Green With Envy" alone is a great colour, just be sure to have some time to let it dry well in between coats :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


maisenzasmalto said...

Bellissimo il verde, peccato che abbia deciso di non comprare più smalti Rimmel :-( (il mio approccio al cruelty free è abbastanza creativo, me ne rendo conto).
Ovviamente mi piace tantissimo anche la combinazione verde/viola ;-)

sabbatha said...

one comment?:D

I like the Rimmel one :>

Smaltoitaliano said...

maisenzasmalto, è bello, sì, anche se rognoso, diciamo che devi essere fanatica di smalti per poterlo apprezzare, data la lentezza ad asciugarsi e la semitrasparenza del colore...
Non sapevo non fosse cruelty-free, anche se per ora non bado a queste cose, soprattutto perchè non si capisce bene (secondo me) cosa voglia esattamente dire...

sabbatha, TWO comments!
Lol, this one didn't grab the people's attention :D
Thank you :>

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