No witty title, just fabulous colours :>

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Yesss, another Spooky-swap :>

Sabbatha is my first nailpolish-mate, it's always a delight receiving a parcel from her, and I'm always in debt with her because of her kindness :>
She learnt fast my tastes and this time is just as GREAT as the others.
Sabbatha, you're my Santa! :D

But I was wondering: why show swaps in public? I don't know about you, but I filled a BIG part of my wishlist by looking at swap images too, because in them you can often find local precious (and inexpensive!) brands you might not be aware of, because they're unavailable in the country you live in....

We all know China Glaze, OPI, etc., but since the first swap with Sabbatha, I realized Poland is sometimes so much better than USA regarding nailpolish brands choice!
There are MANY brands, they have many ranges and colours are amazing, original, exciting; best part? They're CHEAP, and I say that in a good way, I mean: you SAVE your money and gain a top product.

So, Sabbatha, THANK YOU again!

Are you curious? :>

1) China Glaze "Rodeo Fanatic" - I don't like rodeos, just in case - BLUE!

2) Sensique Oriental Dream n. 259 "Moss Temple" (It's the exactly shade of "Green Brown" pigment by MAC made in a nailpolish formula)

3) Sensique Oriental Dream n. 265 "Sky Over Silk Road"

4) Sensique Oriental Dream n. 264 "Jewel Of the Orient" Sabbatha swatched all these three (and the others from the Oriental Dream collection) here and here. Now that I have them in front of me, I understand why she was so amazed, they really look like bottled silk shantung!

5) Wibo n. 352: this is more than a metallic golden olive, it's not a shimmer, VERY deep and very opaque.

6) Golden Rose Scale Effect n. 15: *____________* multicoloured flakies *____________*

7) Nyx "Jungle": in my WL since the first time I wrote it, I then bought a similar shade (and sent it to Sabbatha :D), but Nyx is much more deep and vivid.

8) Wibo n. 355, a blue a day, the doctor's gone away...

Close-up of the magnificent three: from top, "Sky Over Silk Road", "Jewel Of the Orient" and "Moss Temple".

Together with all these beauties, she even sent me a decant of her gorgeous franken:

Is it finished? NO! :D She gave me this pigment too!

IMPOSSIBLE to picture it!
I had to tweak colour, in order to show you as it is to the naked eye, and now that I upload this picture I'm blind, it's really as bright and ELECTRIC as above, just darker.
Colours like these look always lighter in pictures...

Hope you've found interesting items to add to your WL as well :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Tessa said...

Wow, that's a great swap! Discovering new brands from other countries is always so much fun :) And the franken looks amazing!

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

DROOOOL. What a gorgeous swap! I feel the title was VERY apt (and a little witty, despite what it says!) as those are truly gorgeous polishes.

marox79 said...

What a cool swap. Yes, we all like China Glaze and all those fancy US brands but usually forget there are other cheap great brands out there.

sabbatha said...

yay, I want to see my franken on your nails :D

maisenzasmalto said...

Those Sensique are really tempting!!!! :0

La Bisbetica said...

Wow, this polishes are gorgeous! The franken looks so cute, too bad it's not on sale!

gnoma said...

I'm mucho mucho mucho impatient to see your swatches, especially for Sensique ones and THE FRANKEN!!! It seems something... WOW! :O°°°

Smaltoitaliano said...

Tessa, Italy doesn't offer a great variety of interesting shades, at least for me, so you can imagine how much I love all these little bottles :D

The Student's Guide, thank you!

marox, plus, local brands are often less expensive ;>

sabbatha, have to find the right base :P

maisenzasmalto, vero? Io sinceramente non ho ma visto colori così...

La Bisbetica, we can always set up a petition asking Sabbatha to manufacture it and put it on sale :D

gnoma, comincio ad avere troppa roba in fila da provare... E contando che in genere non faccio swatch, ovvero, se metto uno smalto, è per portarlo una settimana, ne ho per anni e anni :D

Atqa Beauty said...

Great swam :) I love those Sensique Oriental Dream nail polishes, have all of them. And that olive green Wibo is awesome, I wear it very often :)

nailXchange said...

Oh what an awesome post. I'm in Poland right now and have picked up a couple of those Sensique bottles but now might have to go see if I can find the others.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Atqa Beauty, now that spring's approaching, I want to use those Sensique :>

nailXchange, I always say that Poland is the polish (lol) reign :D

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