Precious gems

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Mh, I surely don't refer to real gems in the title, I just noticed that my latest purchases are of the colours of precious and semi-precious stones :>

Wanna see them?
Brand and name/number of each on the left :>

The Kiko ones are from the holiday collection "Light Impulse".

Well, first of all, let's say they're not super-unique and/or particularly original, BUT:

- maybe my collection is something I can't entirely embrace anymore in my mind, since that Kiko n. 354 is the spitting dupe of Deborah n. 60; ok, I LOVE that colour, so I can consider this as a backup, but while I was browsing the stand I didn't recall the Deborah one AT ALL, I find it pretty worrying :D

- n. 352 looks to me like a close dupe of the Missha green/blue (this one), or the Sephora "Moody Woman": I didn't buy any of these before, so this time I'm ok with it :D
Especially while looking at this picture:

Didn't enhance colours (clearly), n. 352 it's just like that!

Then, the Essences: lately the Colour&Go range got very interesting shades, and after the blues, I picked another two metallic colours, which are not so common, for my experience:

"Rich & Pretty", on the left, is a pale cold gold with a subtle pink reflect I don't know if it's visible from the image, I tried to capture it and I swear it's there :D

"Luxury Secret", on the right, is a warm gunmetal shade: I mean, a gunmetal grey with a touch of antique gold in it, very nice in person!

Last, a comparison: here you have Deborah and Kiko, together with my very last purchase, thanks to Stregalice again :D
An Avon nailpolish, "Violetta Sparkle", so beautiful...

Well, first two are clearly DUPES, look at the swatch on the cap °_°

Fortunately, "Violetta Sparkle" is much darker, more pigmented, a little less glittery and foiled; these are all one coat:

Now I'm ok with them, I can tolerate a dupe/back-up, but at first I thought the Avon too would be a third copycat of Deborah :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


MiniStyle said...

Love those colors ! Ahh I want them all <3

sabbatha said...

<3 <3 Kiiikooooo <3 <3

Do I need to say more?:D

marox79 said...

Kiko 354 looks awesome. Those are more expensive LE polishes, right?

Castaliac said...

immaginavo che quello della kiko fosse un perfetto dupe dello Shine, fortuna che non l'ho preso (dirigerò i soldi su un'altro X°D)

stregalice said...

Eccoti con il Violetta Sparkle!! Muahuahua!
Sto sbavando davanti al turchese di Kiko, per fortuna non ho nessun negozio vicino! Devo convincermi che non ne ho bisogno (ed ho i due possibili dupe)

Lendoxia said...

these two essences are going on my to buy list :) and 352 is a nice duochrome :)

Maki said...

I can't wait to see Kiko 352 on your nails :D

La Bisbetica said...

Kiko 352 and Essence Luxury Secret are my favourites!
I have Sephora Moody Woman but, judging by the bottle, it looks different from Kiko 352.

maisenzasmalto said...

Actually I think every brand made a purple/gold polish (check Debby 113 and maybe Zoya Dannii) :-) Obviously I have both, because I love these colors and I tend to buy without thinking about my existing stash.
On 352 I think you could also buy the Missha one, I have it too and to me it looks much more on the green side :-)

Smaltoitaliano said...

MiniStyle, come here to get them :D

sabbatha, you're a "lucky" lady, you know it :D ^_^

marox, yes, they are >.< I'm waiting for sales for the previous collection (the Frozen one), I could never get some of them at full price!

Castaliac, si trova sempre qualcosa su cui dirigere i soldi :D

stregalice, qualcuno qui sotto ha detto che non sono uguali, vedi un po' tu :D

Lendoxia, I think Essence is at its best with the Colour&Go range :>

Maki, I think I'll wear it soon, grey days are perfect for these shades :>

La Bisbetica, se non sono uguali, procedi pure con l'acquisto :D

maisenzasmalto, yes, but the others I saw (Debby, Zoya and OPI) are too plum/pink based, I like the cooler purple base more :>
Ok, I tried to save your money, but you all keep saying Kiko, Missha and Sephora are different from each other :P :D

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