Polish colours, car paint and... men

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We all know that nail polish used to have the same formula of car paint, right? Today they still have so much in common, beside the fact that cosmetic industries are trying to delete and/or substitute toxic ingredients. Good for us.

I like to look for strange colour pictures (of cars, animals, clothes, etc.), and years ago I discovered TVR, an English car company whose cars are often painted with terrific shades.
So I was browsing web in search of interesting car pictures, and I stumbled accross forums of car-modding: I just noticed that men are EXACTLY like us when we talk about nail polish :^D

I mean, you can find the ones with classic taste colour - in this case: racing orange or yellow or even red paints; then we have the majority, who likes blue, and finally there are men who literally drool over unusual shades, heart-shaped eyes emoticons included too, * lol *

I stole images from these forums, where you can spy them acting just like us on colours, shades, finishes, sun or no-sun pics, macro shots, shimmer (even if they call them flakies)... And nail, sorry: car art too! Look at this:

If you browse those forums, you'll find men appreciating all these particular colours, like this pearly iridescent white:

and (drumroll): duochromes! See:

I WANT a polish like this:

and THIS ONE: it's a TVR in "Cascade Indigo" paint... Wait, I must insert a drool face *___*

Same finish:

Yeah, I know, there's Ozotics...
What about "Chameleon Green"? (again: *___*)

But you can even find a mat black...

a Wagon Trail-esque...

Viridian-y... ? (or something from ultimate fall collections, I can't recall it...)

Almost "Royal Navy", indeed * lol *

Who knows how many shades are waiting to be brought to us from car paints world? I see gorgeous combination ;>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


GoldFrancine said...

Chameleon green! Oddio, ma è semplicemente splendido! Ho trovato cosa mostrare a mio marito quando mi dirà che solo noi donne perdiamo tanto tempo con gli smalti... È una passione che contagia anche gli uomini, ma su ciò che loro amano di più: le auto! XD

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ti giuro che sono esaltati quanto noi e pure con le stesse frasi, gli occhietti a cuoricino, i dettagli... Haha, ottima per far tacere uomini criticoni :D

Dashboard Polish said...

Once you have polished the paint and removed the imperfections, scratches, halo’s, swirls, etc. Then you can wax or seal it. Waxing a car works very well to improve the look, as does a sealant, however, a sealant will last longer.

Anonymous said...

I am loving the purply blue car paint color totally amazing man. Going to use this color for my car

Cortez Morgan said...

I like that blue/purple color could you send me the paint code for that color? Thanks

Cortez Morgan said...

I like that blue/purple color could you send me the paint code for that color? Thanks

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