Basic Beauty - n. 65

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Hi everyone :>
This is a polish I got some days ago from a brand which is new to me. Loving nail polish, I quickly spotted three, four interesting shades, but then I bought just one for testing it.
My first choice was this dusty teal with a delicate and fine green shimmer (very delicate), only visible in full light.
These are one coat of base, two coat of polish and one coat of top coat. Ladies who hate VNL will probably add another coat of polish, but I'm fine with this.
It dries fast, maybe it's just a tad thick, but nothing impossible to work with.

I tried to capture the green shimmer with a detailed macro, it should be visible in this one:

Now that I'm still tanned from holidays, colours like these really pop, especially in the shade.
This colour is dusty, but bright too, maybe thanks to the contrast between skin and nails.

Every bottle is 10 ml for a price of € 3,99. Not bad.
You can find all info on their website, , but I guess it's not well updated, because I can't find the nail polish section - infact, they lack of ALL the cosmetic line.
This brand is in diffusion, and still there isn't so much stores that carry it, but you can find it in Italy by the Limoni stores, I think they're arranging to open new Basic Beauty Store soon.

EDIT about wear: now it's monday 13 and I gained two chips and tipwear.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


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