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Lately I'm reading many posts on several blogs about these fake-blogs which consist just in stealed content, both pictures AND text.

I know that my blog has a limited audience, so that my thoughts aren't as useful as they would be, but I want to express them anyway: I really don't understand why people want to protect their own work without putting any "shield" on it.
I mean, good of internet is how easy and fast information runs between space and time, but there's obviously a downside: objects of web can be easily taken, and now we all know this well, right?

So what's the point in getting angry when you see your "naked" pics in other blogs? To me, "naked" means without any signature, but if you don't put signatures on your works, how do you protect them? In which way you can demostrate they're truly yours?

I draw and paint, but I would never leave a work of mine without my name; same thing with my pics, especially if I decide to publish it on a website!
It's right and good complaining about steals, but authors have to protect their work; it's like complaining about getting flu and fever after a walk naked in the street when it's snowing :D

I read many girls who don't like watermarks: I don't understand it!
They aren't that bad, c'mon: there are so many choises of fonts, colours, dimensions... You can choose EVERYTHING And I think that a signature doesn't require so much time, we are talking about your pictures!

Depending on your editing software, I guess there are many ways to apply watermark you made on your pictures in seconds - for example, in Photoshop you can record a sequence of commands, so you can build your signature step by step, record them, and then apply them in order to sign your picture simply pushing "play", or you can save your signature on a trasparent layer, then open it and apply it on picture, etc...

Enough talking, you get the point.
Mark your work and you'll avoid stealing; if that happens anyway, don't complain, stealing is the louder admiration :D :^)


sabbatha said...

i agree with you. I have very lame watermark but I will never post something without it!

It is getting worse, when someone is stealing photos with watermark :<

sabbatha said...

ah, I also think that these "stealing blogs" was made by people, who wants some free stuff :(

BlackCherry said...

I think using information from other blogs is not bad as long as they quote the source where appropriate. That does not mean I agree with the theft of text and images that is taking place. I sign each of my images and not just watermarked.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Sabbatha, at least your pics will have watermark, and even stolen they'll be always recognizable!
I know about the free products-story, but I hope companies read a blog CAREFULLY before deciding to send some samples!

BlackCherry, that's the internet! Once you know how it works, I guess you have several ways to protect your ideas...

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