Birthday post!

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Aaahhh, welcome back to me and to you, if there's still anyone out there reading this! :D
In case you didn't know, I've been disconnected for few days, and I've like ten posts still to do to catch up with my current manicure...

But this one is just so special to me, because it's mainly about a package I got from my Polish fairy ♥ :D

Yeah, I got it for my birthday last month, but that's not the main reason why I loved it so much; just look at the colours:

(direct sun)

Sabbatha always sends me a packet full of my ideal hues, how not to love her? Later I'll give a name to each bottle :>

I just have to mention another small packet I received from Lisa the very same day, a total surprise for me!

It contained two Look by BIPA colours: long story short: I was desperately seeking the one on the left, called "Metallic Hollogram" (swatch here), asked her about it long time ago, she then remembered it and bought it for me, together with another colour, "Purple-green" (swatched here from Nagellackprinzessin). Thank you so much, Lisa!

The Avon blue on the right is a charity purchase - *wink wink* -, it's called "Cosmic Blue".

Ok, time to name the Polish bottles!

1) Savina "Electric Green": this one is a complete stunner, in the bottle is a medium silvery glitter green, but while on the nails it gets ELECTRIC, SATURATED and the greeniest green, take a look here!

2) Colour Alike n. 205 (swatch here), dupe of L'Oreal n. 624 (swatch here).
I think I'll wear it over something else, I like the lime shine which turn peachy pink °_°

3) THE surprise item! China Glaze "DV8", an original CG holo *_* 

4) Colour Alike n. 480 (swatch here), Spookynails describes it as the blue "Ruby Pumps", guess I don't need to add anything more :D

5) SpaRitual "Ebb & Flow" mini bottle! It contains only 5ml of nailpolish, but the small bottle is so cute :D

6) Colour Alike n. 209, a total masterpiece!

7) My Secret n. 163 "Blue Angel", deep indigo base with blue miniglitters :3

8) Colour Alike (again! This brand really needs to open sales here in Italy :D ) n. 474, navy blue base and SHINY silver glitter-flecks *__________*

9) Inglot n. 203 ♥ ♥ ♥ I specifically requested this flakies because here in Italy we only have the classic ones - orange/green and blue/violet, I just needed the green/lime in my collection - plus, Inglot is half priced in Poland :D

I've made a quick swatch cap, don't ask me why I didn't swatched all the colours, because I've no idea:

Do you need further details? Just let me know!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

Fairy fairy <3

stregalice said...

Tanti blu, verdi e viola come piacciono anche a me!
Stavo cominciando a scrivere "invidia per il DV8" (tanta), poi aggiungevo un altro smalto, ed un altro... invidissima! :D

Lendoxia said...

So jealous for DV8 :D and the rest is lovely too :)

QueenMiSeRy said...

Quanto bendismalto *___*

Dana said...

Wow! I love blue, especially like Colour Alike n. 209 and Colour Alike n. 474, navy blue base and SHINY silver glitter-flecks.

Gold Francine said...

Tante, tante, tante angurie!
Il DV8, questo sì che è un bel regalo!

Simona LightYourNails said...

Caspita il DV8!

Smaltoitaliano said...

sabbatha: where are your iridescent wings? :D

stregalice: eh, i colori son sempre quelli, sono noiosetta, a parte rare eccezioni :D Il DV8 pare sia ancora una gemma ambita!

Lendoxia, is DV8 still so rare? :>

QueenMiSeRy, haha, proprio vero!

Dana, I feel lucky I have my personal Colour Alike pusher, they're very nice!

Gold Francine, angurie mangiate, grazie!

LightYourNails, eh sì, uno di quei colori che mai avrei pensato di avere!

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