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Hello again :>

Since I'm late with posts like a stupid actress on a movie set, I'm desperately trying to catch up with my latest new arrivals...
Ok, this isn't really a latest one, but it has been such a pleasure swapping with Anastasia I couldn't leave it behind any more :>

I LOVE the box this haul came in (it's blue ♥), I'm keeping it as a nice souvenir, our postal boxes aren't that stylish :D

Ok, not the biggest swap I've ever made, but I was (and I'm) broke as usual, so I couldn't afford many of the Russian gems we got to know lately (hello El Corazon and Dance Legend...).

BUT some months ago I stumbled in this post, and I fell in love with that varnish, so when Anastasia asked me for a swap, I took the chance and gently asked her if she could buy me it, and she did :>

PinkUp is a cheap brand and has many colour, pity I can't find a good online overview;  n. 77 is a blue-purple base with gold tiny glitters, see it swatched by Bamboo!

Anastasia even added two surprise colours, - not so surprising to you readers, I know:

- Jean Mishel, colour: I don't know! It's 6ml bottle, and text on the back (sooooo small) looks like it doesn't mention colour or number, so I'm clueless...
Anyway, it's a muted blue creme, with some teal tones :> 

- Jade n. C325: muted cornflower base with a duochrome iceblue-to-violet shimmer ♥
This is an Israel brand, even if the polish is made in France.
I've found this page, but I seriously hope Anastasia didn't pay it $14! °_°

Thanks so much again Anastasia, I didn't forget about my Dance Legends, I'm just waiting for the right moment ( = €€€€€€€€€ ) :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Ottima scelta, la tua...E belle anche le due sorprese, soprattutto il Jade.
Dance Legend *sospira*

Anonymous said...

so nice to read that you like russian post boxes, hope you like russian nail polishes too. About Dance Legend - they have wonderful range of colors and textures but of a poor quality, El Corazon - are great - all textures, colors and quality, but you know - it's even hard to find them in russia too:)

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Io sto giocando da tempo a nascondino coi Dance Legend... Allungo la manina, poi mi ricordo quanto siano cari e ritiro avvilita la vogliosa manina. :D

Anastasia Yamshchikova said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you like all these pretties! :)
You're right, I bought this polish for 5 or 6$, here in Russia Jade is not so expensive :D
So just drop me a line when you will ready to next swap ;)

Rebenice said...

Che belli che sono gli swap.... e complimenti per la scelta, il Pink Up è davvero notevole.
Però adesso vogliamo un pò di swatch eh!

Anonymous said...

Anche io mi sono innamorata di quella scatola della posta :D Le nostre sono molto più anonime!

sabbatha said...

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