Essence - Oh My Glitter! AND Sinful Colors - Rise And Shine

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Hi all!

This time, two colours I didn't mix, or layered, just applied together :D


Photo above is too washed out - don't know why - but if you own these colours, you know they're quite bright and saturated, and a little tricky to represent the actual hue...

"Oh My Glitter!" is a nice lilac with pink-violet-gold tiny glassflecks, and "Rise And Shine" is a grass green with a touch of blue - in some pics it's bluer than the reality.


I think I applied two coats of both colours, they're perfect and they didn't stain my nails.

(outdoor shade)

See the flecks in the lilac? ♥
"Rise And Shine" has a delicate mint shimmer in it, it makes the polish so full and creamy, love it!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

I don't know which one I like more :>

Arianna Make Up said...

Oh My Glitter c'è l'ho anche io e lo adoro *-*

Rebenice said...

Ehi, mica male!... mmmh.... se non fosse che posseggo già TROPPI viola, un pensierino ce lo farei... :-)

*Ky* said...

Adoooorooo ^^
Ho portato giusto stasera il SC a casa, sono incantata :)

QueenMiSeRy said...

Non saranno layerati ma è un'accoppiata che adoro <3
Oh My Glitter è stupendo!

♥vendy♥ said...

ma che belle unghie...dalla forma perfetta...e poi il lavanda essence ha dei bellissimi riflessi
buona serata cara


Alice Biffi said...

Ma che belli che sono questi due colori insieme! e poi oh my glitter è davvero phaigo!

E. said...

Oh, I love Rise and Shine:)
I've just found your amazing blog and I'm officialy following you now:)

Asami Gwen Cormier said...

Cute color combo!

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