H&M - Fashionista + Mavala - Agena

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At first I didn't know if I liked this mani, but surely after adding flakies, it can only got better :D

Final result in shade:

And full sun:

Shimmer too is duochromy, not just flakies! See that green sparkly dust all over the nails? :>

Indoor shot, artificial light. It becomes warmer indoor and, to my eyes, is much more shimmery:

Two coats of "Agena".
It's a Mavala polish from the Jeans Galaxy collection of summer 2008 2002, but I've never heard of this colour on web, I just saw it last year (or more?) in a Mavala display, and couldn't believe my eyes seeing a so pretty combination of delicate coloured jelly base, little rainbow flakies and pink-bronze shimmer (more visible in the indoor picture), and by Mavala too! Known to be as one of the most-boring-shades nail polish makers :^D (they changed habits months ago, I have to admit it...)
But Agena is a real gem, it's waaaay more sparkling and luminous to the naked eye

I started with the old "Fashionista" by H&M, a bright frosty violet.
I'm not used to frosty polishes, so maybe I can't apply them, but application was difficult, or maybe my bottles needs a couple drops of thinner; but I'm not sure about it, polish it's pretty liquid, but glue-y too, I don't know how to describe flaws of the formula.
I applied two coats, but had to retouch several bald areas.

So, thanks to its fatty little brush too, result was a long job of clean up AND loooong drying time :^/
Nails were still dentable after hours from application! (and I even always use a quick dry spray...)
I like its colour, but the formula isn't the best.


Full sun:

There were some sparse and tiny bubbles too, guess because of the bad drying time.
Am I the only one who had problems with it?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

Wow, the Agena polish transformed the whole manicure. Beautiful!

Smaltoitaliano said...

I swear to you it's even richer in real life, Mavala combined colours really well!

marox79 said...

I got an error message on this post everytime I tried to read it.
Great combo, pity the H&M colour was such as PITA. I'd heard they were good, but I guess like all brands it's a bit of hit & miss.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Sorry, Marox!
I think that's because I published post by mistake, then I changed options and sheduled it for the day after, but Blogger system clearly didn't accept it so well :D

H&M polishes aren't bad, maybe this one thickened (no: glue-ed :D) itself while staying in my Helmer...
It's a rich colour, abyway, I'll wear it again :>

le esose said...

quello della mavala mi piace davvero tantissimo!
dovrei iniziare a considerare di più questi smalti, in genere li snobbo quando li trovo in giro XD


Smaltoitaliano said...

Snobbare uno smalto con flakies? MAI :D

O ti riferivi ai Mavala in generale?
Ogni tanto fanno uscire qualche colore particolare, e ci sono ancora in giro quelli della collezione "Swinging Colours" dell'anno scorso, molto vividi.
Se ti càpita, cercali anche nelle farmacie, spesso l'espositore è fornito e non c'è ressa :>

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