Comparisons: Essence, Deborah, H&M, Rimmel and Kiko

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Uhmm, you know your collection is growing out too much when you can find in it similar items, especially after buying some new ones :^D
Maybe I should focus my wants just to my wishlist...
Anyway, three comparisons, hope they will be useful to someone out there!

First one: H&M's "Bella's Choice" vs Kiko n. 344.
Even if these are all colours my camera gets crazy with, I think you can view subtle differences anyway.

Both two coats.
"Bella's Choice" is a little brighter, while n. 344 is dustier; same colour, though.

Second one: Rimmel "Blue My Mind" vs Essence "Chacalaca", strangely this time my camera captured colours very well!

It was VERY difficult to take pictures of them!
They're pretty the same colour, BUT "Chacalaca" contains a drop of indigo which makes it a liiiiiiiittle bluer than "Blue My Mind"; "Blue My Mind" looks like a true purple next to it, but this is more visible to the naked eye.

The ACTUAL difference is in the formula, because the Rimmel one took three coats, while "Chacalaca" is a one coater. Excellent!

Third and last one: Deborah "Emerald Bijoux" and Essence "All Access":

Bottom left picture shows how they become blue in angled full sun.
Differences are more visible in real life, anyway: "Emerald Bijoux" is sheerer - took three coats - lighter, and more duochromy, while "All Access" is so dense - one coater again! (but I put two) - and definitely green, even if you can spy some duochrome reflects in the bottle (look my previous post).

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Maki said...

again, great comparisons! :) i think that cg - emerald fitzgerald is another dupe for essence - all access...

nihrida said...

I love seeing your comparisons. Well done and thanks! =)

@Maki: ChG EF and Essence AA aren't dupes.

alluring_mum said...

Great comparisons! Love Kiko n. 344

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you all!
Me too I often check comparisons over the web, just for the pleasure of viewing colours and finishes :D

maisenzasmalto said...

Wow! Molto utile, dato che il Rimmel e l'All Access li ho già e avrei rischiato di prendermi un doppione (soprattutto con il verde).

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ciao :>
In realtà i due verdi sono quelli che presentano le differenze più visibili (nel colore e nella formula); i due menta sono appena appena diversi tra loro, mentre i due blu-viola sono quasi indistinguibili!

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