Thank you Sasha!

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Nihirida's blog was one of the very first nailblogs I started reading months and months (and months) ago, and I compiled my wishlist practically while browsing her blog by categories, since I noticed we have very similar tastes colour wise.

Short time ago she set up a sale, and agreed to sell me some polishes I had in my wishlist (or not :D)

I know, again nothing extremely rare and/or new, but maybe the Studio M: "Energy Star" is something between a creme and a jelly, I guess it will be very glossy on its own.
Thank you Sasha :¬)

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Lovely acquisitions. Nihrida is responsible of many of my lemmings too.
Except for the Studio M, I can identify with all the other ones.

nihrida said...

=) Glad you got some new babies from your WL. Can't wait to see them on your nails.

Theallamenta said...

Che belli!
anche tu hai il problema che blogspot ti carica le foto storte e non c'è verso di rimetterle in sesto???

sabbatha said...

ua nice polishes and great photo :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

Theallamenta, ma quanto siamo spiritosi, tsk, non capisci l'ARTE! :D
(ma veramente a te le carica storte?)

Nihirida and Sabbatha: thank you :^]

marox: without sales and swaps my Helmer would be much more empty and sad!

BlackCherry said...

Nihirida's blog is one of my favourite nailblogs. I was reading long time ago and finally I became a follower.

I really like your pic and babies =)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi BlackCherry! Thank you and I agree :>

GothamPolish said...

Just started following you - love your pics! Can't wait to see more!

ColourfulVanity said...

Se passi sul mio blog c'è per te una sorpresina "taggosa"! L'ho fatto con tutto il cuore, spero che andrai a vedere...ciao!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you, GothamPolish!

ColourfulVanity, ancora GRAZIE!

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