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I'm talking about me buying little bottles... And I reached 200 of them! :D

First two: Revlon "Royal" and Deborah "Rainbow Blazer":

No, I didn't retouch pictures or anything, nor is the blue a reflection from "Royal",
rainbow is REALLY that visible!

Finally I caved and bought the other Deborah I liked (here's the first post about these new Deborah).
Nice, don't you find? Lower part of picture shows the base colour, it's like a reddish chocolate brown - definitely NOT my colour, but I can't resist to multichromes (or iridescent?) shades, so due to the fact it's pretty sheer too, I think I'll use it for layerings :>

About Revlon "Royal", you already know it, if you own it...
If you don't have it yet, it's THE royal blue jelly polish, a shade I'm literally IN LOVE, and you can see it from the next picture, where I compared the other two pure blue jellies I own:

From left: Layla Ceramic Effect n. 13; Layla Bijou n. 208 and Revlon "Royal".

They're absolutely the same polish, lol; n. 208 is a tad lighter probably just because I applied less liquid, but I can swear they're dupes.
Do you think I do care about that? No, and that's why I bought "Royal", I wanted a good supply of blue jelly!

Only flaw of "Royal" was that I had to pay customs fee - €11, mortacci loro(*).
It happened too when I bought "Mint Apple" by Sinful Colors (I had to pay €14, if I don't get wrong :^[ ), but regardless of that, Sinful Colors started selling polishes in Italy right after my purchase, at €4,90 each...
Luck isn't my best friend, I guess.

Bud did I say Sinful Colors?
Monday I made a trip to my local mine of Essences, and I found they had SC display too! I searched for "Daddy's Girl", instead I found - and liked and bought - "Hottie", a gorgeous cooold blue jelly with glitters of all shapes.
Did you already think about layering it over one of those blue jelly? I did!

Together with "Hottie", I decided to try a crack polish - obviously dark blue - so when I saw the new crack-polishes collection by Debby, the young division of Deborah, I picked n. 01, but there was a turquoise too, a mint, a yellow, a pink, etc.
Lately they expanded their range of colours, but I'm not very fond of them, don't know why well... Maybe I'm just trying to contain myself, they're usually €4,90 each for 7,5 ml, but this time I paid €3,90.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

(*) colorful expression from modern Roman dialect where you insult a person by insulting his/her dead relatives' souls :^D


marox79 said...

I like your 'bottle cap' swatches very much!
Where are the go-to places in Italy for make-up? I've read about you having the entire Catrice makeup display at COIN?- in Rome, at least.

The custom thing sucks. You ended up paying more in customs than the polishes are worth, if I understood correctly.

marox79 said...

Btw, I found a tiny Debby display in Berlin. I think they were probably bringing a taste of it to see how it worked/sold.


I'd like to see a swatch of that blue crackle.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Bottle cap swatches are my quicker way to show colours, lol :D

Yes, from what I've read, only the new Coin in Rome - Stazione Termini has an entire Catrice display, but I live in Milan; others Coin has just the little one, rested on a table, like the Debby one showed in your post... * sigh *
I hope they'll expand distribution all over the country soon!

Yes, customs made those polishes "high-end brands" :D

marox79 said...

@Smalto: I try not to exceed the customs limit or at least not too much. So far I haven't had any problems and I hope it continues that way.
Here in Spain the only place that sells Catrice, though only nail polishes and LE is Beautik.

maisenzasmalto said...

Che sfiga, per il Sinful!!! Il Deborah 07 è bellissimo, ovviamente me lo sono "accattato" pure io.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Eh, c'è pure un altro oggetto che la dogana mi sta tenendo in ostaggio (un eyeliner in gel), che cavolo.

A me 'sta cosa degli smalti "crack" non mi ha mai tanto attirata, ma uno almeno lo voglio provare :>

Marox, problem of our customs is that their actions are completely unpredictable, you can't really know if your packet will be picked by them!

Theallamenta said...

Ho guardato tutto il tuo blog e abbiamo un sacco di smalti simili. anche io ho preso questo Deborah, l'hai già provato? per me è stata una delusione unica :(
fammi sapere come ti sembra!
io sto aspettando con ansia i nuovi essence ma qui da me non c'è traccia :(
invece i Basic Beauty dove li trovi? non li ho mai visti in giro, sembrano belli però!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ehilà, benvenuta :>

Allora, quel Deborah no, non l'ho ancora provato, ma siccome a me i marroni non piacciono e questo è piuttosto trasparente, lo userò sovrapposto, viene una bomba (ho fatto una miniprova sui miei fidati tappi di bottiglia :D).

Della Essence per ora si trovano (ma non dappertutto) solo alcuni nuovi smalti, io sto aspettando i nuovi toppers per vederli dal vivo...

Basic Beauty è della Limoni! Ci sono alcuni punti vendita a sé stanti a nome BB (stile Kiko), ma sono ancora pochi e quindi è più facile trovarla nei Limoni, anche se non tutti ce l'hanno, ma penso si stia diffondendo.
Sono ottimi, per me, colori anche abbastanza particolari, cercala e dài un occhio ;>

Smaltoitaliano said...

maisenzasmalto: sono un'idiota, pensavo parlassi dello smalto crack, invece era l'altro, scusa :D

KarenD said...

That Deborah looks great!

Halifax said...

Do you happen to know if Deborah is available anywhere else outside Italy? I can't seem to find that out on their website. Are you up for swapping?

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