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Spring collections are everywhere finally, so I had the chance to get some nice new adds :>

From left:

- Deborah - Prêt à porter n. 25 "Emerald Bijoux", I'll talk about it later;

- Essence n. 57 "Can't Cheat On Me", a weak silver holo. I tried it on my boyfriend :D, but it took al least three coats (it's pretty watery, not patchy like the Gosh one) and holo effect is very subtle, even in sunlight.

- "Chacalaca" from the Whoom! Boooom!! collection, this is the only one colour I was interested in...

- ahem, Kiko n. 344, lightly dusted medium mint (more muted in real life).

The first one is from a spring collection of new 40 shades by Deborah (Kiko too made 40 new colours, what's the secret meaning of 40? :^D), here you can check them all better.

A great choice for all tastes, but I only noticed three or four colours:

Here's the swatch of "Rainbow Blazer", it's really a strange duo-trichrome, but its base is a light brown so, not very flattering on me :^/
"Knock Out Violet" looks like Zoya's "Mimi", it's pretty.

After buying "Emerald Bijoux", I compared it to Essence "All Access", since I noticed they're pretty similar:

They have the same duochrome side, but "All Access" is more dense and greener, while "Emerald Bijoux" is sheerer, has a dark grey base and it's in general more muted, even if I guess that duochrome is more visible on it when applied on nails than "All Access".

Maybe I'll swatch them side by side later :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

I have 'All Access'. Pity Essence discontinued that one.

Smaltoitaliano said...

I agree, but in exchange Essence does many great colours!
Just stay updated with their collections, so you can grab the colours you like :>

marox79 said...

We still don't have the new products. My sis and I popped into my Essence supplier today. Maybe April 10th, can't wait!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Here in Milan we haven't the new top-coats yet and other things, but in general their products distribution is totally unpredictable!

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