No-r-way swap!

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Since I've started this blog, I became an unofficial European Kiko dealer, as many girls saw these polishes all around the nailblog community and requested some in their collection.

I'm lucky living in Milan, where there are 3-4 Kiko shops (and more, not counting the ones in malls near outside), so I can easily find all I want, it's just a question of $ :¬D

Regina contacted me and asked for some purple Kikos, in exchange for some lemmings of mine from my wishlist... GREAT lemmings, I should say!
Here they are!

1) Orly "Snowcone" ♥

2) Nubar "Verde": even if it's not that verde, I love it!

3) L.A. Girl Flare - this one has no name on it, but Regina told me it's a dupe of "Groupie" (maybe this is "Midnight Diva"?)...
Anyway: dark duochromy GLITTER purple, I know isn't that new and that now there are many dupes, but... Today I have this one and I'm happy :>

4) Misa "Toxic Seduction": a little less blue than I imagined, looks like a green Sabbatha sent me - here another picture of it -, but more shimmery... Doesn't matter, it's love :D

5) Orly "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe": SO SO jewel-like, I think it will be fabolous under the spring sun!

6) Zoya "Edyta"... I know, it's pretty equal to "Verde", but I don't care, I guess that means I'll have 30 ml of the same AWESOME colour :P

7) Color Club "Wild At Heart". Nothing to add ♥ ♥ ♥

8) Zoya "Ivanka", looks like melted emeralds infused with gold particles...

How many hearts I put in the text? Haha, sorry about that, blame to Regina who sent me these beauties, THANK YOU again!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Great swap! Hopefully you'll be swatching those goodies soon.

Smaltoitaliano said...

I noticed that I got only one creme, lol.
Spring, to me, calls for sparkling colours :D

Which one should I wear first? Please help me deciding!

sabbatha said...

grat swap, I can't wait my Kiko's :D

We definetely have the same polish taste ;D

Orly Meet Me is my favourite polish EVER :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

EVER? Really? :D
But you're right, I didn't think it could be even more pretty in real life *_*

sabbatha said...

really :-) I love color, finish, application, brand and everything ^^

AmyGrace said...

Oh my, they're all so pretty!

nihrida said...

Oh, pretties!

Hobina03 said...

ciao, ti ringrazio per il commento che mi hai lasciato, non ti devi meravigliare di essere nel mio blogroll, sono una ragazza curiosa di tutto e ho un'insana passione per gli smalti (che uso anche per dipingere tra l'altro), mi piacciono le foto che fai e apprezzo molto che tu scriva in inglese

Regina said...

Hi! So good to hear they arrived. I'm glad you like them. I'll be checking out again to see the swatches.

Have a great weekend!

maisenzasmalto said...

Stupendo swap!!! Quelli che mi incuriosiscono di più sono: Misa "Toxic Seduction" e Orly "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" (luccicoso)!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

AmyGrace and nihrida: ^____________^

Hobina03: grazie per le belle parole! Adesso sono curiosissima di vedere i tuoi dipinti di smalto!

Regina, I wrote you an email right after receiving your packet, didn't you read it? :>

maisenzasmalto, qua la cosa si fa tragica, non so più quale scegliere ogni volta che tolgo lo smalto vecchio! Comincio a preoccuparmi...

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