Essence - Show Your Feet Whitening Toe nail polish + Essence - Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer High Gloss

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Hi there :>

Sometimes I just don't wanna wear colour on my nails, but leaving them without any protection means getting chips or cracks... No good, so this time I wanted to do something different: why not try a natural, but neat manicure?

(indoor, daylight)

I don't have yellow or stained nails, actually this whitening nailpolish just made my nail beds pinkier, but I really liked this effect, under some lightings they were almost lilac :>

(indoor, shade)

Picture above shows the neatness :D
This Show Your Feet isn't just a whitening nail polish, but it also provides a leveled surface, so you can skip basecoat, and that's what I did.

I paired the whitening nail polish with the new sealer top coat from the Better Than Gel Nails range: it's really glossy!

(above: indoor, shade; below: outdoor, daylight)

My nails looked like made of glass :>
I applied one coat of whitening and one coat of sealer.

Flaws: whitening nail polish and top coat had a strange reaction, and after one day they became to lift (also thanks to the fact I used some nails to eat pumpkin seeds :D) and I could peel off the "colour" almost completely just like a children nail polish :D

So I reapplied them on the nude nails, and the next day it all lifted on another couple :D
But it was ok for me, I still didn't want any colour... Anyway, the glossy top coat remained glossy for several days, good job.

Next time I'll try this layering: whitening + clear nail polish + sealer top coat.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Ero quasi tentata...Ma l'idea che mi si sfogli :-/
...BTW ma come aprire i semi con le unghie??? Non si fa!!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Be', ma le reazioni chimiche non sono mica uguali per tutte, magari a te non succede, e neanche a me, se provo a fare come ho scritto (pensavo anche solo ad applicare lo sbiancante + lo smalto trasparente) :>

Non uso troppo le unghie, ma con i semi di zucca dovevo per forza, non bastava l'addentatura iniziale per rompere la "cocchia" esterna :D

MANIA - ANI said...

beautiful nails! :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you, MANIA - ANI!

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