Essence - Grumpy + Layla - CE52 + BeYu - n. 209 + Pure Ice - Heartbreaker

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Well, when "Grumpy" started to show its bad side (chips :D), I thought about a layering of mine...
This time I only used four nailpolishes!

(indoor daylight)

It was summer and we were having sunny days, so I wanted something complex and full of different shimmers.
Characters pictured below, in order of... application!

- Essence "Grumpy", seen solo here :>

- Layla CE52;

- BeYu n. 209;

- Pure Ice "HeartBreaker".

Layla made "Grumpy" darker and gave it flakies; BeYu made them like lava (I really liked that effect!) and Pure Ice added that lovely green shimmer all over <3

(half shade, half sun :D )

This is another way to use several colours at one time, you know I love sheer polishes and I know they can be combined in infinite ways... Clearly I prefer blues, but hey, here I had RED flakies and I liked it!

(full sun)

See the picture in shade, flakies are just like lava pieces *_*

But all of these colours showed together every time :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


MissAdelinne said...

I love this combination!

sabbatha said...

So so so pretty, I love flakies <3

Sara said...

ho visto parecchi di questi smalti olografici, in giro, e mi piacciono anche molto, ma su di me purtroppo non ce li vedo.... Chissà che alla ffine non ne trovi uno adatto anche a me!

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Mi manca il Pure Ice ma potrei provare solo con gli altri tre...Il risultato è stupendo, forse non sarebbe male anche senza shimmer verdi.
Manca anche il sole qui però ultimamente!!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you, MissAdelinne!

sabbatha <3 <3

Sara, non ho usato qui smalti olografici, intentendevi i flakies? O hai sbagliato post? :D

Ovvio che sta bene anche senza Pure Ice, MaiSenzaSmalto, prova e vedrai!

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