New buyings, a swap, a comparison...

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Ok, this new posting layout is somewhat confusing and very stupid (I had to rewrite things tens of times, text options keep changin' themselves without any intervention by me!), but I'm trying to get used to it, because I guess it will be the definite one and the old one will disappear soon.
Then, I saw a lot of blogs with the new comments system why I don't have it? :^|

Anyway, in case you 're interested in new items, here are mines:

Kiko n. 03 (metallic-frost green) and n. 350 (champagne? I don't know...), two limited edition colours from two different makeup collections; they were on sale, so I grabbed them, together with the black Frozen one (not pictured).

These came from Switzerland!
A girl mad about duochromes asked for some Fontana Contarini she saw on my blog, and I sent her a handful of them; since Re-mix Your Style hasn't been released here in Italy, I asked her for some topcoats, and she managed to get me Love (detailed in picture) and Rock (*psst*, if you have the other two and want to sell them to me, my email is up to the left :D); but she was so kind and added an Accessorize purple nailpolish (n. 34) - they aren't sold in Italy, as usual :D - and a Misslyn n. 595, a German brand I suppose, not sold in Italy again.
As you can see, it's a gorgeous slightly duochrome blue = *__________*

Next, my last find: a new shade of Deborah Prêt à Porter, named "Carpe Diem".

I compared it with other similar shades I already own: Fontana Contarini n. 75 (left) and Essence "Where's The Party?" (right), always on my trusted plastic bottles cap :D

(all two coats)

N. 75 is the most changing colour above all three, while "Carpe Diem" is the most pigmented.
Pretty nice, don't you think? Duochrome from a teal to a purple <3 <3

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Rose Sélavy said...

KIKO 03 looks amazing! :D

Anonymous said...

I´m fall in love of the nº 595 of Misslyn!!:P
All the nail polishes are beautiful but this one is amazing!!

maisenzasmalto said...

Carino il Carpe Diem, ma prima di comprare dovrei fare un po' di ordine nei miei duochrome viola verdi :-/ Anch'io ho comprato il nero Frozen, mentre non mi sono fatta tentare dagli Hologram. Ci fai vedere presto come funziona il Rock (così mi dispererò perché non sono arrivati qui questi top coat)??

Başak said...

I LOVE that Fontana Contarini and might bother you with a swap request in a few weeks, even though our local brands aren't that fruitful. :D

marox79 said...

Love both your latest purchases and swap stuff. That Fontana Contarini is gorgeous to look at.

sabbatha said...

oh I bought this misslyn recently :)

Ere Kanezawa said...

Che invidia i due topper di Essence! Bellissimi anche gli altri, ottime new entry :D

Tessa said...

wow, great finds! :)

Em. said...

Non so se l'hai già ricevuto, ma ci tenevo a dirti che ti ho citata per un piccolo award sul mio blog :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Rose Sélavy, hope it won't be too streaky :|

La loca de los esmaltes Really you did? :D
Yeah, it's vivid :>

maisenzasmalto, io mi sa che non ne avrò mai abbastanza di duochrome viola verdi (e non) :D
Sai come vorrei provarlo, il Rock top coat? Sopra dei glitter *_*

Başak, email me whenver you want ;>

marox79, if I find a FC, I'll ship it to you, it must be owned by you :D

sabbatha, Uh, did you try it already?

Ere Kanezawa, ciao :> Per certe edizioni limitate, non ci rimane che il baratto!

Tessa, thanks!

Em., grazie :> Non li "faccio" (ma si "fanno", i premi? :D), ma sei stata gentile, grazie ancora :>

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