Essence - Where's The Party?

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Hi :>
Here it is one of the most complex colour I've ever worn, it's very... undefined.
See for yourself:n


It has at least three colours in itself: lead grey, purple, green.
Sometimes you can see them all at once, sometimes one colour pops above the others.

For example, sun shows purple reflects:

(green on the edges °_°)

... But purple is the king in daylight too, depending on the angle of the lighting :>

(purple on top, green on the left, grey on the right...)

I must admit that this colour it's prettier in real life, because colours are often visible all together; this could be a defect, though, so if you like changing shades, this one is for you :>

What about "Where's The Party?" under artificial light?

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Last, two shots in low daylight, the BEST for duo/multichrome:

I don't remember very well how many coats I used, surely two, maybe three? I just remember it's VERY pigmented, so I guess two good coats are enough.
It lasted my regular five-six days, so it's perfect formula wise too.

Just another thing: the day I was wearing "Where's The Party?" I saw the Gareth Pugh for MAC's collection, and the most coveted shade "Ascension"; well, don't know about you, but I asked for its price (just curiosity!) and it was something like €23 0________________0

Best part? I tried it on my thumb, just on a half of it:

(which half, in your opinion? :^P )

Do you see any difference, any division line between "Ascension" and "Where's The Party?" It doesn't exist, these two colours were/are the same spitting shade, with the only difference in price (Essence is less than €2...).
Not bad, right? ;>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Ivana said...

Great dupe find! I love when you can find a chepaer version of identical color. :) WsTP isn't my cup of tea but it looks great on you!

Hob03 said...

ah ah questo ce l'ho pure io!!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ivana, I know not every nailpolish fanatic likes this, because it's very complex; but it has that grunge feeling I REALLY dig! :>

Hob03, e che ne dici? Ti è piaciuto? :>

Simona said...

Il grigio/viola/verde dev'essere la combinazione multichrome più semplice che esista perchè tutte le marche ce l'hanno! Più o meno chiaro, magari, ma cmq tutte! Ormai visto in tutte le salse. Cmq questo della Essence lo adoro <3

maisenzasmalto said...

Ce l'ho anch'io da millenni e devo ancora provarlo...Su di te sta benissimo e soprattutto cambia colore quindi <3 (quel grigino è proprio figo)!!
Sulla prova pollice: sei un mito!!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Simona, in effetti sì, però è anche una delle più belle :D
Questo ha il pregio di essere molto pigmentato e di costare poco.

maisenzasmalto, tu hai le unghie più regolari, apparirà sicuramente meglio :>

Hob03 said...

è uno dei miei preferiti, e poi come giustamente notavi costa una scemenza. Ps ancora non riesci a mettere i commenti in sequenza? ora a me vanno..

Smaltoitaliano said...

No, il mio blog rifugge queste mollezze moderne :D :D
(oppure, più semplicemente, mi sa che questo layout ha qualche conflitto con i commenti in sequenza...)

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