L.A. Girl - Flare Dark Purple + Pure Ice - Heartbreaker

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One of my favourites, indeed.

See for yourself, "Heartbreaker" is a bloody flamboyant rich nailpolish EVERY nailpolish-addict should own!

These pictures are almost my favourites too, at first I thought I couldn't capture all the colours and the effect I saw with my own eyes :>
Skin is warmer because of early sunlight, during these weeks I'm taking pictures around 7:30 AM...

It can remind you of "Bruise" from Urban Decay, but "Bruise" has a maroon/plum base, and its shimmer isn't so sparkly and vibrant as "Heartbreaker", and it's of a different colour...

Look at the final effect over L.A. Girl "Dark Purple" in full sun, it's really as it appears in these pics!

Daylight, it's a colder light and manicure is amazing as well, if you don't feel the same, it's certainly because of my poor picture :D

"Heartbreaker" it's a jelly blue-aqua base filled with a fiiiiine shimmer which is duochrome from green-teal to a cold blue.
I applied two coats.

Duochrome isn't that visible, I know, but you must consider the base too: a dark sparkly purple which merged so well with "Heartbreaker", together they made the perfect transiction of colours, by chance colour I like :D
Notice how at certain angles teal disappears, and it's mostly blue, pink and purple ♥

"Dark Purple" lasted on me from monday 27th to... Well, now it's 1:25 PM of saturday 2nd july and I've just taken this picture, you see I have only tipwear (and nailgrowth) on some nails:

VERY good hold!
And you should consider I have a total of eight coats (base + three coats of "Dark Purple" + topcoat + two coats of "Heartbreaker" + topcoat) of polishes.

What do you think? If you don't have "Heartbreaker" yet, GO buy it, or steal it, doesn't matter.
I want to try it over all my polishes :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Elsa P. said...

Meraviglioso :O

Theallamenta said...

Che bell'effetto!

marox79 said...

It looks gorgeous. Eight coats is too much for my patience.

AmyGrace said...

lol, 8 coats? ^^ It looks amazing!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Elsa e theallamenta, vero? *_*

Marox, I applied "Heartbreaker" two days after, this manicure wasn't made in one time!

AmyGrace, this combo would be as its best on you ;>

La Bisbetica said...

Simply stunning!

Smaltoitaliano said...

"Heartbreaker" is a flattering name for that nailpolish *_*

Yami said...

This is gorgeous!! <3

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