My kind of rainbow

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How do you like my kind of rainbow? :D

Below here they are my January-February new adds :>

Kind of boring, uh? Forgive me *_*

Another view, enjoy reflects and scroll down for names and numbers :>

1) Shaka CH4 "Peacock": turquoise-emerald creamy base, gold metallic veins *_*

2) Kiko Sugar Mat n. 643, a small swatch here :>

3) Essence "Life Is A Freeride"...

4) ... and "Goofy-Blue", from Snow Jam TE; unfortunately not really colour accurate :|

5) Kiko Celebration Nail Lacquer n. 424, from the Colours In The World spring collection, swatch here.

6) H&M "Active Blue", one of the newest colours, so saturated and full of pink and blue chunkies ♥

7) Shaka "Pandora"...

8) ... and CH5 "Indigo" (swatch here): they look similar, but they're not, as "Pandora" is a deep and rich purple with some metallic reflects; "Indigo" is a dupe for this blue Kiko (supposed to be a duochrome).

9) Depend n. 313, doesn't need any introduction, right? EDIT: many many thanks to MaiSenzaSmalto for having picked me this amazing little bottle outside of Italy ♥____♥

10) Shaka CH2 "Purple".

Ok, Shaka does collection, but as I said before, their site is a complete mess, and not all colours are shown together, if they're part of a collection, or they aren't shown at all, so to sum up, CH collection ("chrome"?) is composed of five shades (overview here), in the end I bought four of them.

"Pandora" comes from another collection, Color Cosmo (overview here), it includes many beautiful shades even if not so original (at least for me :P ).

Detail shot, for your viewing pleasure :>

From left: CH5 "Indigo", "Pandora", CH2 "Purple", CH4 "Peacock".

Stupid gif of the two Kiko :D

Below, detail of "Active Blue" and n. 313, plus a last minute new entry, Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat n. 10: bought because on sale, it claims a "velvet" effect, I liked it because it's not a creme, but contains small glitters and a metallic shimmer, we'll see them better when I'll wear it :>


Lastly, two neutral colours for those dim days, when I'll want to wear something calm on nails :D
Sinful Colors "Glass Pink" and Kiko Holographic n. 399 (another sale buying)... Now I have enough neutral holographics :D

I've also made a quick comparison with Ebalay A02; "Glass Pink" is pretty sheer, two coats on cap, I hope it will give that natural finish touch to nails... Not sure if I'll wear it alone though :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Rebenice said...

I absolutely agree with you about Shaka... their polishes are SO beautiful, but unfortunately their website is so bad. :-(
I am used to check periodically the dusty corner at Oviesse hoping to find some new stuff... and that's all. What a pity!
Have a nice first day of spring!

Nail Loopy said...

I love your rainbow :)

sabbatha said...

ugly polishes...

(green kiko <3)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Rebenice, thank you, I've spent first day of spring in ER (not for me though) :D

Nail Loopy, you understand me :>

sabbatha, WANTwantwant the green one? :D

QueenMiSeRy said...

Ti sfido a riuscire a farmi piacere quel Sinful Colors XD
Sul resto credo non sia nemmeno necessario che io dica qualcosa <3

Smaltoitaliano said...

Se lo uso da solo non ho molte chance, vero? :D

QueenMiSeRy said...

Non, temo di no :D

sabbatha said...

no i hate it.


of course I want ;p

Alice said...

Finalmente ho trovato gli Shaka, so già che farò un super acquisto...
Quel sinful colors dalla boccetta sembrava molto più rosa, me lo immaginavo più simile tipo a un Pedal Faster Suzi di Opi (che amo alla follia) ma con i riflessi dorati

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

E' il rumore della mia mascella che si schianta al suolo alla vista del Depend!

Vania said...

ma quanto è bello il Depend?! O___O <3
quel kiko sugar mat verde più lo vedo e più mi convinco che potrei/dovrei comprarlo *sisi*

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