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I'm not dead!

I just started working as a makeup artist (I'm going to open a Facebook page about it, would you read me there too? ;> ) and trust me, it's really really hard sometimes, you don't have time for nothing, so my nails have been almost-naked most of the last weeks.

This post shows my current nail shape: I always liked the pointy almond one, but my natural nails don't have the right proportions, so I'm trying to file them in an "elongated" shape...

Lately my nails behaved badly: I especially hated the peels at corners, because once you get them, nailpolish lasts a fraction of the time >.<, so I thought, what if I file them away? :D
Let's see if this will help me!

Last picture shows my usual look of last weeks: it's Essence Nail Candies n. 06 "Soda Pop & Candy Shop":
I LOVE this nailpolish! 6 in 1 formula, it helps smoothen the surface of nails, makes them whiter and it has a fruity scent which actually lasts! - not something I usually care for, but it's refreshing and more pleasant than the chemical pure smell of varnishes, definitely :D

(cloudy day...)

One coat, it dries in seconds and it's really helpful when you have to have nice nails and ZERO time :>
Not visible, but this nailpolish contains some sort of white-silver microglitters, I think they're there to help reflecting light and give your nails that invisible glow we all like.
Super recommended!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

you start almost every post with "im not dead" lately :P

im jealous about your nails, they are beautiful! *.*

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

E' bello rileggerti ;-)
Questa forma mi piace molto, su di te (una classica "a mandorla"?). Io ci ho provato una volta che ne avevo una rotta e dovevo accorciarle, ma ormai non mi ci vedo più!
Anch'io adoro i candies Essence, sono ottimi come base.

Smaltoitaliano said...

@sabbatha: I need to do that, lol, there's a whole life between posts :D :/

@MaiSenzaSmalto: grazie, vediamo se dura di più! Devo dire che però la mandorla invecchia parecchio la mano, haha, mi sa che mi stufo prima :D

Elsa Pio said...

Yay! Un aggiornamento :D Che bellezza, sono felice che tu abbia cominciato a lavorare come makeup artist, sarei davvero curiosa di saperne di più, come ci sei arrivata e cosa fai di bello :) se dovessi aprire una pagina facebook sarò la prima a seguirti, quindi sbrigati!! :P

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