Blues of last summer (and a remove-stains tip!)

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Last summer I wore winter shades, that's it.
Maybe I just tought they would be great with tanned hands, don't now why :D

Anyway, pictures are a little too bright, as the summer sun makes these dusty colours way too intense (or it's my poor camera reaction), but that's the beauty of light, right? :>
This is Essence "Goofy-Blue", cornflower blue with silver-white snowglitters.

Sparkly and wet-looking, it's quite pretty on the beach, trust me.

Below, Catrice "Shoppind at Bluemingdales": nice colour, worst name, I HATE these stupid names à la O.P.I., what's wrong with simple numbers and codes? :D

Again, this is a perfect autumn powdery blue (if you're that kind of person who cares about seasonal colours - I'm not :D ) and here you can see it a little too brighter than its real appearance...

Last, NYC "Jade" (simple name!).
PERFECT with tan, awful on nails, it stained them badly >.<

Below you see my nails right after the polish removal, and then clean again.
I used this homecleaning product to remove stains: it's a biodegradable, non-toxic detergent made of soap, natural fats, clay, lemon, glycerin and water; in the jar it looks like a block of white stone, you have to rub it with a damp sponge in order to use it on surfaces, but I used an old toothbrush whit the smallest quantity of product to brush my nails and get rid of stains in 3 seconds!

Please note I recommend it only for those bad bad stains you can't remove with just remover/acetone and q-tips, because this is a mild abrasive detergent. I used it only once, as I usually don't get stains, and my nails didn't suffer from this procedure.

In Italy you can find it in Kasanova stores (€12 for a 500g jar, if I don't get wrong) or in open air markets.
Have you ever heard of this product before?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

catrice is very pretty, but i hate catrice :P

QueenMiSeRy said...

Accidenti quel NYC O.O
L'essence e il Catrice ce li ho e sono ancora untrieds, mi vergogno da sola. Ma sono davvero oltremodo bellissimi!

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