Essence - That's My Pop Cake!

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Ok, sorry for screaming, but I guess it must be the void around here, because my lack of posting...

Trying to be a makeup artist is fun, but hard as well :|
If you are curious about my work and splashes of art, you can track me on my Facebook page and Instagram :>

That being said, here's the newest post I've ever published, because these are my current nails, done less than 24 hrs ago :D

I must thank Ina who told me about the glitter-sponge method for applying annoying glitters-in-clear varnishes, thank you again!

(outdoor, cloudy) 

I've used this "new" Essence Effect Nail Polish which is, as you can see, a LOAD of pink fine glitters mixed with thin holographic bars in clear base.

This method is supereasy and gives the cutest result, plus I think it's a nice way to wear crazy polishes or colours when you don't feel like wearing them: that's me in winter or cold season.

(indoor daylight)

This nailpolish is more shiny and glittery in real life, I like it under artificial lighting :>

(artificial light)
I'd need the sun now to show you its sparklyness, but I guess I'll have to wait for spring time :/

 Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Ina said...

Uuu nice mani <3 You're welcome, I'm glad it helped :)

sabbatha said...

that's awesome, i thought that you know applying methods like that :D

Elsa P said...

Molto bella come manicure, specialmente su una forma di unghie così allungata :D

Rebenice said...

Ti dona molto questa nuova forma! :-)

Sara SheLovesPolishes said...

mi piace molto come ti sta questa forma d'unghia, e la manicure semplice ma d'effetto è fantastica!

Francine S. said...

L'effetto è davvero carino e cavoli come sono appuntite le tue unghiette! Approvo! =)

sabbatha said...

swrsly. last post in february. DO SOMETHING OR I|LL HACK YOUR ACCOUNT!

sabbatha said...

knock knock :P

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