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Yes, I know, sometimes I die and sometimes I come alive, I'm sorry, but life can be busy...

These bottles are more than "some", and no more "new", at least for me, haha, but if you're interested in names and colours, keep reading!

Wjcon sand glittery laquers!
This is an italian makeup brand, similar to Kiko, but interesting the same :D
I don't own much items because its stores are located far from my usual paths, but that time I knew I wanted to try their sands!

- n. 805: gold-burgundy sand;
- n. 808: gold-purple-navy blue sand;
- n. 807: green-lilac-teal sand;
- n. 804: deep forest green-purple/pink duochrome sand!
- n. ? : lol, last one was an emerald varnish I can't find anywhere in my house, sorry!

I think I bought these like one year ago, when sands were at their peak, you know now there are many choises out there, but I still didn't wear none of them... I'm slowly getting into polishes again.

(from top, zigzag wise: unknown emerald, n. 804, n. 807, n. 808, n. 805)

The blue wagon!
I'll never lose my blue love, so from time to time I see blues I want (and buy), next pic shows the latest ones:

From top:

- Sephora Degradé Tie Dye n. 05, transparent blue for layerings. I hate Sephora, this is a gift :D

- Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots n. 198 "Shooting Stars": you know what? I don't like white hexagon glitters, but I liked the overall effect in the bottle, we'll see if it will be the same on nails :D

- H&M "Moonlight": deep teal-purple/pinkduochrome. My pic sucks, but it's a GREAT colour, check some swatches on the web!

- Kiko Laser Nail Lacquer n. 434: from the Dark Heroin collection, blue-violet duochrome. I have the feeling it's a little useless for me, haha, but I don't want to check if I have something like it now (probaly). It's SO vibrant.

- Wet n Wild Wild Shine E417F "Eggplant Frost": not sure if it's a good thing, but I remember I had a lipgloss exactly like this colour when I was very young, and I even wore it many times, before my mum decided I looked hilarious :D
This is a DEEP purple base with deep blue shimmer, probably yeah, a little frosty, but not that much (maybe).

- H&M "Serenity Now": this is like the new version of my beloved "Blue My Mind", one my favourites blues of all time!
Since that "Serenity Now" is slightly darker than "Blue My Mind", I made my cap swatches, see below:

Unofrtunately my camera can't keep the royal tinge of these blues, anyway you can see the difference: on the left, "Serenity Now", on the right "Blue My Mind".

Next, "Eggplant Frost" reminded me of Savina "Purple Prince", so I made a comparison:

Savina has less shimmer, I think it's more purple in general, while "Eggplant Frost" has more shimmer, and it's more visible the difference between base and metallic blue. They're different.

Another comparison: H&M "Moonlight" and Essence "Miss Universe":

They're THE SAME thing, and I didn't notice it until the swatches were before my eyes. *gh*

Ok, next batch, a cool one:

From left:

- Shaka "Rapture": nice cool powder medium blue.

- "Little Women": cool pastel pink with a subtle white shimmer (not visible in my pic).

- "Cerulean Sins": lol, my blue collection can be named like that :D This is an electric dark blue creme.

- Wet n Wild Megalast E2133 "On A Trip": the perfect lavender hue.

Last batch, the minted one:

From left:

- Prestige Wonder Gloss NLW - 200 "Sea Breeze": jade green creme, a little greener in real life than my picture.

- H&M "Green Bluish": totally useless polish, I bought it because I liked the bottle full of those duochromes glitters, but I know they're too sparse in the clear base to achieve the same effect on nails (maybe with 10 layers?). I don't know, I think I'll use it on tips OR on top of another glittery nailpolish :>

- Kiko Quick Dry n. 835: this is a jade hue too, but much greener than Prestige; I tried to tweak the picture, but you know these colours are impossible to reproduce, even more if you have a crappy camera like me.
Plus, these are almost neon colours, so camera gets crazier :D
Cap swatches:

Left Prestige, right Kiko. Do you get the idea? :>

Of course I have MORE new bottles to show you, and some from Poland too (:D) we'll see them in the next posts, hopefully :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Those Wjcons look to die for. Believe it or not I don't own any sand polishes yet. I've been tempted to get one but don't know if they'll feel too grainy and uncomfortable for everyday use.

Ina said...

So many pretties <3 Wth H&M "Green Bluish" you could try the sponge method, here asre some examples:

Rebenice said...

Welcome back to you and to your beautiful new nail polishes!

*Ky* said...

Quante belle cosine ^^ E ben tornata :)
Adoro la boccetta del glitter verde H&M, spero che sopravviva fino ai saldi *_*
Cmq credo che il Wjcon senza numero possa essere il 152, a occhio ;)

Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Ben tornata!! Accidenti a me, ho sia l'H&M che il Miss Universe Essence ç_ç

sabbatha said...

aaargghhhhhhhhhh sands and last 2 shades <3<3<3<3

Smaltoitaliano said...

@marox79 : go buy one (or ten :D ), glittery sands are the best *_*

@Ina : THANK YOU for that tip, didn't know it!

@Rebenice , thank you dera, I'm trying to stay active here :D

@*Ky* , grazie! Quella boccetta H&M è di mesi fa, purtroppo... Sono indietrissimo con i post! Ancora non ho ritrovato quel dannato Wjcon, ma forse hai ragione :D

@MaiSenzaSmalto , grazie anche a te! I dupe sono la nostra croce... :(

@sabbatha :3

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