Some beauty and some love

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Do you need some beauty? I have it!
Ladies and - ehm - gentlemen, Ozotic Pro n. 504 and n. 528:

(bottom part of the image, n. 528 left, n. 504 right)

Clearly nail polish beauty :>
I treated myself for my birthday these two magnificent shades, ordered from the australian site PicturePolish.
For the italian readers, parcel took almost one month in total (from the dispatch date, 27th april) to arrive here (25th may). Long wait, but it's worth it.

If you are here you all know there are many stunning shades from Ozotic Pro, but I learned from this post that they're not all unique; rare, but not unique. It isn't a flaw, just thought you'd like to know it.
Briefly, n. 505 is a dupe of Sally Hansen's "Turquoise Opal" and n. 506 is a dupe of "Garnet Lapis".

Given that I recently got them in a swap, I left just n. 503 and n. 504 in my wishlist; the time I decided to order a couple of bottles, n. 503 wasn't available (you can admire it here), so I chose n. 504, which is basically a 16ml of blue/purple-to-orange/gold multichrome, more or less like this:

Lol :D

The Elytra collection (three shades available) is more than gorgeous: 16ml of MULTICHROMATIC GLITTERS in a clear base.
I chose n. 528, which is a progression of turquoise-to-purple-to-acid-green, like this:

How not to love them?
That's it, and picture speaks for itself; google this brand and you'll be astonished if you didn't see it before.
I have another couple of lemmings from Ozotic Pro, so I'll make a new order as soon as I can.

Now, the "love" part: first of all, I want to thank all the people who chose to be a regular READER (I never liked the word "follower") of my little blog :>

I received some awards from some nice bloggers out there and even if I don't "do" them, I would like to thank these ladies for their kindness, it's good to be appreciated by someone :>
Colorfulvanity gave me a Versatile Award, Maki a Kreativ Award, GothamPolish a Liebster Blog and One Lovely Blog Award.
Thank you again, girls :^]
I don't want to choose one or more blogs in particular, as I read many many blogs and everyone has their own strong point, so you can browse my link list and if you don't know a name, click on it and you'll certainly find a very good job in taking pictures, or describing a product, or being silly... Well then, all you need in life, right? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

These polishes are very pretty, the multichrome especially.

Simona said...

Mamma mia sono andata sul sito che hai linkato con gli swatches della Artform, ma che meraviglia!!!! Ho gli occhi che mi brillano! Peccato che quello che piace a me (508) non lo facciano più nemmeno della Ozotic Pro. Ma si può avere più sfiga?! Cmq non vedo l'ora che ci fai lo swatch di questo che hai preso tu (quello normale, non il glitterato!) e che ci dici come ti sei trovata a stesura etc. Così magari ci faccio un pensiero!!! E in ogni caso tantissime grazie per il link perchè davvero è cibo per gli occhi! (ah, riguardo agli Essence Holo, lo spero proprio che arrivino in Italia!)

marox79 said...

Omg, what gorgeous polishes. 528 reminds me of a starry sky.
One month is a long time, though it came from the other side of the world. I've seen many sellers on Ebay who don't ship to Italy.

Hobina03 said...

personalmente mi piace di più il 504!

Hobina03 said...
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Theallamenta said...

devono essere meravigliosi *_*

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi Student's, multichromes are (almost) the best :D

Simona, quando ho letto la prima volta quel post, pensavo che anche il 503 fosse ormai esaurito (e così era scritto), invece appena poco tempo dopo il mio ordine, su PicturePolish è riapparso anche lui, quindi può essere che qualcuno rifaccia anche il 508; però, se leggi bene, nel post si dice che il 508 è simile (se non uguale) al 521, e quest'ultimo è in vendita :>

Marox, I'm just happy parcel survived customs :D
Many sellers don't ship to Italy because of customs, intricate bureaucracy ( = looong wait before receiving packets) and thieves in postal offices :^(

Hobina, la bottiglia del 528 è uno spettacolo a sé, ma io per certe cose sono proprio una bambina :D

Theallamenta, lo sono °_°

marox79 said...

@Smalto: It's a pity. Italians have problems with customs and Germans are now excluded by Nyx sellers on Ebay. I hope we're not next,:(

Smaltoitaliano said...

Just from Nyx sellers? I noticed that from many many sellers on eBay, included the private ones, but I remember it's a consequence of a new german law about cosmetics: they cannot be imported without their original package anymore, or something so...

maisenzasmalto said...

Mmmmh...Ti odio :-P? Ti invidio? I Multichromatic sono stupenderrimi (i glitter son belli ma non li amo alla follia: in risposta ad un tuo commento precedente, se son grandi mi restano appiccicati all'unghia - non uso la stagnola, tengo solo il cotone imbevuto più a lungo sull'unghia e devo comunque staccarli di brutto - e mi dà fastidio).

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ma questi non sono grandi, anzi :P :P
E vuoi forse farmi credere che, se te ne regalassero una bottiglia (ma hai visto quanti colori in una sola boccetta? *_*), storceresti un po' il naso? :D

Però, certo, con la stagnola verranno via molto più facilmente... Perché non la usi, almeno con i glitter? Per me è LA comodità!

La Bisbetica said...

*_* Wow, they are gorgeous!

I must find a way to get these beauties without being caught by evil customs...

Smaltoitaliano said...

No customs this time!
I think Girls at PicturePolish know how to send parcels here, they checked the "merchandise" option, but also it was clearly stated on the form that packet contained two bottles of nailpolish... Good for us :>

sabbatha said...

meh, too expensive :P

but I will order a CultNails 3 polishes soon :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

No, they're not that expensive!

First, it was my birthday, lol.
Then, prices on site are in AUD, so they're like $11 USD each; all in all (including shipping), I paid them €15 each, which isn't that bad, given that they're are pretty unique shades, I wouldn't find them elsewhere!

And bottle is 16ml too :>

Here in Italy, a brand like Revlon is around €10 :^(

Rikki said...

Glad you got your Ozotic Pros. Love to see your swatches!

sonidlo said...

They are so pretty!

maisenzasmalto said...

:-P nooo niente naso storto! E correrei a comprare l'alluminio!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

I'll try them soon, Rikki, we're having gorgeous weather!

Sonidlo, they're even better in real life :>

Maisenzasmalto, volevo ben dire :D

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