Catherine Arley - n. 674

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Yesterday it rained like hell, today (28th) weather it's p e r f e c t: fresh breeze, clear light and SUN - not the torrid one.

Holo time, so, but in a lighter way: a baby blue holo!

Thanks to Sabbatha, now this polish it's happy among its new friends in my Helmer :D

Not only it's a holo, but it has a blue flash too - see it in the pic above - very nice.
Anyway, pretty strong holo effect in the sun!

I'm in love = it goes straight in my favourites :D

Inside house is a dusty baby blue, but holographic shimmer can be visible as well (even more than in my next pic), it just depends on the angle of light.

It's pretty sheer, I applied two coats on some nails and three coats on the others, but to the naked eye, VNL isn' that... visible.

I'm satisfied, it dries quickly between one coat and another, and I'm wearing top coat too: usually it dulls the holo effect, and yesterday I wanted to do a test by leaving some nails without top coat (to check any difference in the sun), but then I forgot it and top-coated all :D
Anyway, I don't think top coat ruined holoness.

EDIT about wear: it's now the fourth day of wear, and it's pretty perfect!
Being a light colour, tipwear isn't that visible (anyway, I got just a minimal tipwear), and holoness diffuses light in a way that even nail growth isn't noticeable.
This is the perfect polish for a journey mani, or so :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Theallamenta said...

oh che carino! magari è bello anche su una base grigio chiaro o bianca...

Smaltoitaliano said...

Sul bianco penso che si "accenda" parecchio, non sarebbe male.
Mi sa che qualcuna (non ricordo quale blog, però) l'avevo provato anche su un azzurrino...

sabbatha said...

I think that topcoat ruins only some types of holo, like gosh one. I used topcoat on a OMG collection and nothing happened. :)

marox79 said...

Very beautiful and wearable holo. 4 days pretty much intact is a bonus too.

maisenzasmalto said...

Non avevo pensato di usarlo su una base colorata! BTW sempre belle le tue foto!!

Smaltoitaliano said...

I think so too, Sabbatha!

Marox, it's almost undestructable, lol, today is the fifth day and I just got a liiittle chip on a thumb, but it's a light blue, so you can't see it!
Other nails are completely intact 0_o

Grazie, maisenzasmalto :>>>

GoldFrancine said...

Fichissimo! <3

Smaltoitaliano said...

Sì *____________*

GothamPolish said...

Such a pretty blue holo!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Yes, pretty and so well-made!

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