Essence - Chacalaca + Sally Hansen - Garnet Lapis

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Ahhhh, finally my nails are painted again :D

After my move, some fingers are still terribly dry/irritated/wounded (paper and dust aren't friends for skin) and obviously I had to file nails to a resonable lenghth, but I thought I would suffer much more all the mess a move creates :D
So, to celebrate my new house (lol, it isn't mine, but whatever), a GREAT manicure, great for me at least :P

I always see "Garnet Lapis" layered over black, but what about a nice inky blue like "Chacalaca"?

I'll try to contain my love, but "Garnet Lapis" is surely one of my favourites of all time, because of THESE REFLECTS:

How is it in shade? GORGEOUS indeed, as well as in full sun:

It changes colour in shade too! *_*

I couldn't choose a picture or another, so I put almost all in one :D

"Chacalaca", I must say, is very good too: I put just ONE coat on my left hand and almost two on my right one (I'm right handed), so pigmented.
One coat of "Garnet Lapis" too, it's enough and you'll have this rainbow on your fingers.
Not much left to say: buy it if you don't own it yet!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Gorgeous combo. Is the Essence from a LE? Doesn't ring a bell.
Lovely picture spam, btw.

maisenzasmalto said...

Wow!!! Considerando il trasloco direi che sei riuscita a tenere le unghie praticamente intatte!! Ma il Sally Hansen si trova in giro?

Stef said...

omg how gorgeous!

Theallamenta said...

che bel risultato! devo iniziare anche io a sovrapporre i colori, non mi viene mai in mente!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Marox, it's the blue from Whoom Boooom" collection :> And thanks for appreciating the spam :D

maisenzasmalto, le unghie sì, non le ho accorciate moltissimo, ma la pelle di alcune dita s'è rovinata, è per quello che in alcune foto si vede dove ho la crema al cortisone :/
"Garnet Lapis" e compagnia bella sono su eBay, ma per quel che mi riguarda, come ho scritto in un post precedente, mi sono stati gentilmente inseriti in uno swap, il che mi ha evitato un mare di scocciature...
Sabbatha di Spooky Nails (hi :D) mi disse una volta che da loro ce n'è a iosa - un rivenditore polacco che li distribuisce, una cosa del genere...

stef, I know how much you too love these kind of varnishes :D

Ciao theallamenta :>
Io sovrappongo un po' perché cominciano ad essere tanti, e poi perché alcuni smalti da soli magari non sono granché (o proprio non si possono usare, tipo questo), ma quando li piazzi sopra un altro... Bam! :D

marox79 said...

@Smalto: OK, I didn't get anything from that LE when I was in Berlin. Too colourful and crazy for my liking, but when you layer it the way you've done with this, it's to die for.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Oh, I just picked the blue one (is a perfet dark blurple), other colours were too "flashy" for me too ;>


a swatch of this colour on its own :>

sabbatha said...

nice :-)

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