New amazing colours - pt. 2

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Welcome to pt.2 :D

Not only buyings, here, but a swap too: as usual, my nailpolish-fairy Sabbatha gave me some bottles I had in my WL... Must be sort of a nailpolish-mine hidden somewhere in a forest in Poland, and she knows how to extract them :D

From top:

- Sally Hansen "Purple Gala" ;

- Sally Hansen "Mystic Lilac";

- Essie "Turquoise&Caicos" ;

- bonus: NatRobbins "Greed" , well pictured (and compared) here. I guess this would be a gorgeous layering green too, because it's pretty sheer on its own, but gives a great green metallic effect when pur over something else.

Some days ago, I compulsively purchased two beauties from Stargazer which I had pinned in my mind after buying the first two:

These are n. 303 the blue one ("Lunar Eclipse" dupe? I hope so :D) and n. 305 the purple one, I'll leave you just with the pictures :D
They're beautiful, cheap, 14ml and you can find them on eBay.

Then, I wanna try wearing a crackle nailpolish on its own, trying to cover the entire nail; that's because I found this great indigo-with-gold-and-green-irregular-shaped-glitters which I would LOVE as a regular nail varnish:

Obviously a Deborah crackle, n. 04.

As you may have noticed, Deborah (and Debby) is growing in terms of interesting offers to italian nailpolish fanatics: lately, they released five shades with that batch of metallic pigments we've admired in Sephora's "Diving in Malaysia", Chanel's "Péridot" and another million of sub-brands :D

By now, I just took n. 71 "Scarabeo Green" with me, as the other ones are dupes of other Chanel/Sephora colours - there's a couple of them I'm still interested in, but I don't want to buy the tenth purple/green duochrome or the third "Péridot" dupe, so I'll have to scan them very carefully...
Stregalice bought more bottles and did comparisons, take a look!

I searched for a similar shade in my Helmer, and found Kiko n. 352: they contain undoubtedly the same pigment, but consistency, base and formula aren't the same at all:

Test on cap: see the difference? N. 71 is clearly waaaaayy more dense and saturated (it's like green molted metal bottled), while Kiko has a grey base, silver glitters and, I suppose, a lighter amount of blue-green colour in it.

Angled view shows it's the same pigment.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


MLV. said...

Those look awesome. :D I have those two Sally Hansens and they are beautiful! Even if Mystic Lilac is really sheer.

Rose Sélavy said...

Whoa, all so pretty. Sabb got me Purple Gala too ;d

Elsa P. said...

Sto letteralmente sbavando di fronte agli Stargazer :D_____

La Bisbetica said...

Your hauls are always stunning! This week I went (twice!) to Acqua&Sapone to see new Deborah polishes but I ended up not buying any. The shades I were looking for seemed to be already opened. :(

sabbatha said...


Smaltoitaliano said...

MLV., I've noticed it's a little sheer, but if it dries fast, it's not a big deal :>

Rose Sélavy, haha, Sabbatha is our Great Mother of nailpolishes :D

Elsa P., che aspetti a comprarli, allora :D

La Bisbetica, thank you!
I saw them in an Oviesse too... Do you think they've been already tested on random nails?

sabbatha, ♥ :D

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Sbavo per tutto fuorché per il Deborah e per l'Essie, ma solo perché li ho già! :D

maisenzasmalto said...
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maisenzasmalto said...

Sono mesi che rimando l'acquisto Stargazer...E le tue foto non aiutano a mantenere i buoni propositi!!! Comunque confermo: il 72 Deborah è quasi identico al 68 Sephora. A proposito, il Kiko 352 non ti ricorda un certo Ever?

Smaltoitaliano said...

PeeBeforePolish, ah, ecco :D

maisenzasmalto, dài, gli Stargazer non sono un'esproprio di sangue, si possono acquistare senza troppi sensi di colpa...
Sì, quel Kiko è spiccicato a quell'Ever, il che conferma la teoria che la fabbrica è una e i marchi dalla quale acquistano sono cento >.<

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