New March things... Again, pt. 1 :D

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Finally a post.
And finally a little time to write it :D

This time, some new colours I got in March.
Bad news (for me only, don't worry): I think I lost the total count of my polishes, I don't remember anymore if I included all the new bottles in the grandtotal >.<

Anyway, Apothica gave me the opportunity to shop some makeup items, and I obviously chose nailpolishes :D

Arent' these amazing?
From top:

1) Essie "Lilacism", you know I love cold lilacs/lavenders. And it was in my WL ^_^

2) Sparitual "Blue Moon", this is absolutely stunning: an inky-jelly blue base with pink-bronze glitter, I didn't know it was so amazing.

3) Sparitual "Health, Wealth & Happiness": this is a purple-wine base with duochromy blue shimmer, can you guess how much awesome is it?

I knew this brand, but never tried their products before, they're quite pricy for my usual range, so I was happy to have the chance to grab a couple of them.
They make great colours, not boring and they're vegan :>

I thank Apothica for this present, they have a great selection of luxurious brands and an efficient customer care, but just two flaws: super-heavy shipping costs and a limited access to nailpolish collections, because not all the colours you see in the site can be shipped outside USA :^/
Keep that in mind, European girls :>

On to the next picture, these are impulsive buyings, no excuses.
Ok, I like them, but... you know how I feel :D

From left:

1) Nouba n. 454, a clear base filled with chunks of multicoloured flakies; yes, chunks.
I think they put flakies in a blender and turn it on for like two seconds, then put the result in these tiny 7ml bottles :D
THE flaw, as usual, is the price: I don't remember it, but it's somewhat more than €5?

2) Shaka n. 725, "Pop Green": impulsive buying, because I have something similar, but this a little bluer and has that delicious jelly-like consistency I LOVE. €1,99 :>

3) Basic Beauty n. 71PE (lol, I love number names, don't know why all the girls detest them :D this has letters too :D ): a beautiful blue creme, in reality it's a liiiiiiiiitle muted than Kiko n. 295, but, ok, I admit it, they're very similar, it's just that n. 295 is one of my favourite blues :D

Next, a LOVELY swap with my Swiss nailpolish fiend Lisa, who find me the Essence Crazy Good Times TE bottles I wanted <3

From left:

1) n. 04 "Confetteria", blue jelly base with silver hexs (which are blue thanks to the base) and green-blue-gold glitters *_*

2) n. 02 "Princessorize": no, I' not going to wear this alone, but I read in blogs it was sheer, so I thought it would look amazing over blues and purples, because of its so pretty sparkling glitters.
It's very electric, trust me.

3) Surprise, Lisa find me the holo top coat from the Re-mix Your Style TE, n. 01 "Just Can't Get Enough"! So now I have three :>
Not only this top coat is a pretty scattered holographic, but it has a nice pink-bronze side I tried to show you:

Thank you again Lisa!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


marox79 said...

Blue Moon seems a relative of Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire/ Beyu 209.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi Marox!
Oh no, they aren't so close, because the blue base isn't so electric and the glitters aren't duochrome :>

sabbatha said...

Blue Moon and blue Essence *.* I wish we had this Sparitual here :\ But we don't have this particular shade in Sparitual shop....

Elsa P. said...

Io sto ancora aspettando i Shaka >.< Sul sito c'erano di quei colori stupendi!
Bellissimi gli smalti che hai scelto da Apothica, Blue Moon sembra spettacolare! *ç*

gnoma said...

Se tu fosi friulana il nouba 454 non l'avresti mai trovato, muah muah muah ;D

Smaltoitaliano said...

Sabbatha, is SpaRitual expensive there?

Elsa, penso che arriveranno, ma ci mettono comunque un po' a riconvertire le OVS che hanno scelto per l'inserimento di questa nuova marca.
Se ti interessa qualcosa, vediamo cosa posso fare!

gnoma, eh, infatti ci ho pensato :D Anche se qui non ne ho mai trovati tanti, anzi...

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