Essence - Irreplaceable + Mavala - Rio + various flakies + Essence - We Will Rock You / Rock top coat

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After some days of non-polished-nails, I came back to my Helmer with the intention of doing something out of my style; to be honest, I had no idea what to apply on my nails, I only knew I had to polish them because they already started to peel and break a little.

So I thought about a combo which would not include blue or green...

(full sun)

I know, title tells you I used a bunch of things on my nails, byt that's just because I had an idea in my mind, which clearly wasn't so pretty once achieved in reality :D

Anyway, base is two coats of "Irreplaceable" (lol, I can't say this word, my tongue goes anywhere :D ): yes, great colour and reflections, but too light for me :^/

Then, I sponged a tiny section with Mavala "Rio", a deep red with rusty shimmer; not a me colour, infact it was a present :D

I didn't give up, and added flakies (Golden Rose n. 15, Nouba n. 454 - I'll show you next post, Layla CE 52) in a sort of gradient: I wanted gradient to be less thick, just like a small french, but sponge was too big, Layla was too pigmented, so gradient began to grow on my nails :D


I used a sponge to apply darker colours, but I also swipe the nailpolish brush directly on nails with light touchs, to better spread the flakies up to the center.

(full sun)

In the end, since the base was too light and the tips too dark for my tastes, I applied one coat of the Essence "Rock" top coat.
Result wasn't the best, as it looks like a little patchy on lighter parts, but I think it's almost unnoticeable, unless you stare at my nails for seconds :D

(artificial light)

It took me like two good days to begin liking this mani, lol, I know I'd appreciate it since the beginning if only the darkest section was thinner, but oh well, at least it's not blue and I liked it anyway :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

Zombie nails :P

Smaltoitaliano said...

Lol, is that ugly? In the end, I liked it so much! :P :D

sabbatha said...

It looks like zombie nails with blood from a dead body in the end :P

Not ugly, just weird :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

Spooky nails? 0_____0 :D

sabbatha said...

nah, just zombie :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

No one liked it :D

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