Kiko - n. 339 + Essence - Feels So Good / Love top coat

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Few days ago, I fell in love with "Cinderella" from Sinful Colors.
I read now it's a perm shade, but I don't think I'll ever have the chance to see it here in Italy and I can't buy it online because of customs fees, so I tried to replicate it a little with my own supplies, and here it is what I got:

(full sun)

Not the same shade of blue, I know, I don't have such a pale blue sky (Kiko n. 340 is too bright), so I picked n. 339.
Glimmer is offered by this gorgeous top coat from the Re-mix Your Style TE by Essence, I really liked it!

Unfortunately, as always happens with glittery top coats, camera didn't catch all the sparkles, so you have to imagine my nails covered with a denser coat of pink reflects, they were not so sparse! And more pink, I don't know why pictures came out so washed out...


Love top coat is slightly duochrome, green side is more visible in real life.
Beautiful in low light too :>

I applied three coats of n. 339: this shade wasn't so pigmented as the other pastels by Kiko I own. I must say it didn't lasted my regular five days, it chipped after... three? Oh well, not a real problem.
Love top coat is one coat.

Anyone in Europe who can bring me a "Cinderella"? :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


stregalice said...

I don't know if I can manage to get you *you-know-what*, but I was planning to hunt Paris for SC polishes so I'll keep my eyes open for this one (for me too ;) )

MissMarlboro said...

Sicura che non si trovi in Italia? Sono convintissima di averlo visto nell'espositore Sinful Colors qua a Pordenone!
Uno di questi giorni vado a controllare se era lui o uno simile :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

stregalice e MissMarlboro, insomma, se lo trovate/vedete, pensate a me! :D

stregalice, quando ho visitato io Parigi, non ho avuto tempo di cercare smalti, un po' ti invidio!

MissMarlboro, a dire la verità, io ho "a portata di mano" un solo posto dove c'è un espositore SC ed è un sacco di tempo che non dò un'occhiata, ma siccome sono mesi che ha sempre gli stessi colori, ho dato per scontato che "Cinderella", essendo un colore nuovo, lo vedrò in Italia tra tipo due anni, però non si sa mai, potre sbagliarmi questa volta :>
Domani vado a controllare...

stregalice said...

I miei primi Sinful vengono da Parigi. Quando li ho visti alle Galeries Lafayette ho cominciato a sbavare :D

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