Layla - Ceramic Effect n. 29 + Kiko - n. 229 + Essence "Hello Holo"

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Didn't like this combination.
I did it yesterday (March 5th), but I think I'll remove it tomorrow.

It's not that it's ugly, simply (maybe) I'm not on the right mood to wear such a fairy look :D

(artificial light)

Anyway, I liked it better under an artificial night, it's pretty for a night out.

I sponged two glittery polishes; first one, is this old Kiko - I don't know if it's still available in stores.
It's not a plain white snowy glitter as it may appear from this picture, it contains sky blue/pink duochromy glitters and white (not silver) chunks, but I couldn't capture those colours...
But look at all the light it gives!

(maybe I spy a blue speckle right above the big "e"? :D)

In daylight, Essence "Hello Holo" (sponged after n. 229) shows better, while Kiko disappears in the blue base.


Next colour? Not a blue, I promise :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Em. said...

Carino come effetto :)

sabbatha said...

long nails ^^

Smaltoitaliano said...

Em., mi sa che non lo ripeto più :| ma grazie :D

sabbatha, I had to file them down, one broke a little, so it was too short compared with the others >.<

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