Viva La Nails!

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Shipped september 29, yesterday october 5 it has arrived :> Fast shipping and, I must say, very beautiful products.

As many of you already know, Viva La Nails provide bloggers a sample pack with stickers, water decals and sparkling things to apply on nails.
I always wanted to try some of these products, because I'm interested in creating effects on nails as beautiful as a polish could do; in fact, I'm attracted by strange colours, duochrome (or multichrome) shades, flakes, etc., and being like a magpie, sparkling objects make me curious :D

These tiny strass and glitters and flitters are challenging me to find out a way to wear them without looking too childish or overblinged out - I think it's possible and I'll try to show you that in the future.

I must say that I was worried about dimension of glitter, but they're all so small and, best part, FLAT that I think it will be easy to work with.
Pictures aren't that great, because of the weather...

Moreover, colours are LOVELY!
I know that probably these are randomly packaged items ready to send to bloggers (or not?), but I appreciate all the shades and it seemed like they asked me about my colour taste before sending the kit :^D

The bronzed strass (if I can call them strass, I'm not really sure, even after checking the website...) are stunning, so they're the pink-rainbow flitters, the iridescent hearts and the dark blue little moons. Copper ones are tiiiiny hexagonal glitters, but really luminous, even in the shade. The silver packet far in the picture contains the strangest of the group: hexagons and hollow hexagons with a subtle holo surface...

I'm thinking of using some of them in make-up too!

Stickers and water decals aren't less yummy! See the tiny tiny sparkling accents on some of them?
I will try these as I go along, I had to wait weekend when I'll have more time to think and work with them!

Viva La Nails is a Latvian venture who works for professional technicians, but its items can surely be used by any girl - like me :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


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