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Meh-mani this week.
H&M's "Blue Sky" is a summer buying, and I thought I would enjoyed it during the greyest days... like those we are living these days in Milan, but I was wrong :D

In fact, I love this dusty medium blue, but maybe I'm still tied to bright shades, or prefer them because of the weather.

Last three pics show it a little brighter then reality, first one is more accurate, but it's under my bathroom lighting, and mirror causes crazy reflections on my nails, making them appear bumped, even if they're not!
As you can see, I even tried to add a sparkly touch with some flitters by Viva La Nails; it wasn't difficult, I used a toothpick lightly damped with... saliva - mine, of course.

It's not obviously a great try, but in a certain way I like it; well, if sun decided to show up, I bet it would be even more interesting, I could see some REAL little sparkle every now and then peeking from my hands...

... Not at all, it's cold and dark outside, so pictures suck.

But polish is really good, well pigmented and glossy. I found mine a little goopy, so I added two, three drops of thinner before applying, but that's all. Two coats offer perfect coverage.
"Blue Sky" is a mini from H&M, every bottle is 3,2 ml for a price of € 0,95.

EDIT about wear: after 4 days I had some tipwear, and a couple of chips (caused by some nail peeling, so I'm not counting them).

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Ping said...

This is a great mani - love the touch of glitter!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Fail-mani, I could add something more interesting... Next time!

Dana said...

Good idea! I have glitter like this one in the form of long sticks - flitters, only green. I do not know what I thought when buying them:) I have to try your way!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you, Dana, you'll see it's quick and easy :>

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