Universe Nails

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Thanks to Asami and her idea, I made one of the nicest manicure I've ever seen on me :>
She called them "Space nails", Emerald Sparkled "Galaxy Nails", mine are "Universe Nails" :^D

These were my ingredients:

From left, Essence's "Fabuless", Nubar's "Reclaim", OPI's "Significant Other Color", Kiko n. 229 and some shiny glitters - I used just the rounded ones.

Asami already explained all the process in her post, but basically it's just about sponging colours on a dark base with a paper towel, to give colours some texture, and then add some glitter to reproduce planets and/or stars.

"Fabuless" was perfect for the sky, because it's not a plain black and it has shimmer, so fine they can imitate stars faaaar away.

To give it a more realistic effect, you have to "sponge" colours in a nebulae form, just like galaxies appear on astronomy books.

That Kiko top coat is full of little chunkies of milky silverish glitters which are slightly duochrome too - blue/green AND purple/pink: see how it sparkles? :>

These chunkies have an irregular shape, and they reproduce stars very well, it's fascinating to look at!

After adding the sparkle top coat, it's time for planets, or, in this case, just blue-green and copper glitters.
Maybe it would be better to have them in a smaller size too, but that's ok, I worked with the material I own.

Last pic shows a little the duochrome side, on certain angle nails appear purple-pink.

Two coats of top coat sealed everything perfectly.
This nail art is very simple, but I LOVE the result, I'll try to replicate it with different combinations of colours, finishes and glitters.
Thanks to Asami for sharing it!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

very pretty :-) You have good weather right? In Poland fall weather is very bad and I cant make swatches :<

Ping said...

Omg, I love this mani! Great job!

Smaltoitaliano said...

sabbatha: nooo, it was raining that day - the day I was taking pics -, but obviously yesterday and today sun is shining >.<

ping, try it!

Asami said...

So, so GORGEOUS! Thank you very much for the link too, I really appreciate that. This turned out so awesome, I love the combo you used!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you! :¬]

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