Comparison: Basic Beauty n. 69 vs Kiko n. 300

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As promised, here is a comparison between two medium dark shimmer turquoise.
After buying n. 69, I immediately thought about this Kiko's one, turned out they're very similar: same shade, same amount of shimmer, same formula, BUT on my tester field they revealed a slightly difference which makes BB a little better:

(first swatch is BB n. 66.)

As you can see, BB is more pigmented: I use two coats for these swatch and BB has a "richer" and deeper base, so I guess it will give a better result on nails. I'll see that in the future.

And yes, I use water bottle caps for testing my polishes :D
They're white, but not completely opaque (like a real nail!), easy to collect and CHEAP!
Plus, I don't want to waste polish on fake nails, and this method is perfect for observing colours using just a tiny amount of polish.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Anonymous said...

L'idea del tappo di bottiglia è fichissima! Così non mi rovino la manicure e non mi sto a dannare l'anima per coprire la linea bianca della french! Geniale! Posso copiarti (dandoti ovviamente i credits per l'idea)?

Smaltoitaliano said...

Haha, ci mancherebbe, certo che sì! :D

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