Essie - Mint Candy Apple

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Soft nails this week.
I bought this Essie from a blog sale a while ago, it wasn't even in my wishlist, but generally I like mints, so I picked it anyway and now I'm wearing it.

And I like it! At first, I thought it was too light, I don't usually wear such pale tones, but I must say it's really sweet and relaxing to the eye, definitely it's not too whitey for me.
Second pic shows colour much closer to reality:

Application, to me, was good: it's a little runny, but with three coats - or two plus some touch-ups to fill spare bald areas - it's evenly done, I can't complain.
Nothing more to say, I'm glad I have this :>

EDIT about wear: today it's a week I have this on, but after 4 days I gained tipwear and one or two tiny chips.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


oshi said...

wow! che bel colore! :)

susies1955 said...

Really pretty.
You ought to try my ham and pineapple pizza. :) I'm a rebel LOL.

Ping said...

Lovely pics! Also, this color is pretty sweet. I love mints, can't ever get enough of them.

Smaltoitaliano said...

susies1955: haha, it's good to be rebel!

Thank you, Ping e oshi : >

Zaz said...

Very pretty! :) I love mint green too!

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