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Browsing sites randomly (in italian), I came across some pages about polish methods of application, choice of colours, tips and everything else about nails, which I think they're totally wrong and pointless.

I then purposely search for these kind of articles, and I found out several of them really useless: first, they often copy each other, and says the very same thing; second, they're still full of commonplaces and advices which aren't valid at all, or oldfashioned.
Let's see some example.

• Many sites (or all) say that if you have a warm complexion - or tanned -, you should wear warm colours, such as oranges and reds: I think it's the opposite, because teals, greens and blues are in front of warm shades in the colour wheel, and this is THE basic colour theory...
I usually have an olive tint in my skin, and I tend to wear cold colours not only because I like them more, but because they don't underline the yellowish side of my skin - yellows, yellowed greens, reds are not my thing!

• Another crazy advice I found out: some sites suggest to paint your nails starting from the tip to the root: I really don't even know how to proceed like this without causing a BIG mess on nails!
And I don't know why they're suggesting it while using dark colours...

• One site says it's «useless to apply a third coat of polish»: but... Why? :D It obviously depends on the sheernes of polish...

• MANY site alert about the danger of staining only of the orange polishes: but common experience tells us that blues and greens too (or, especially) are inclined to that.

• Then, you can even find the most popular legend about nails: they need to breathe!!11! Nothing more wrong about them; they aren't supplied by blood and nerves, so there's no need to give them a "rest" every now and then, it's up to you to wear your tips naked or not.

• Another sick advice: shake well your bottle, in order to avoid air bubbles! Mmmh, that's the opposite: you have to GENTLY shake it, or, better, roll between the hands, OR wait minutes after shaking the bottles (to let air bubbles pop and disappear), otherwise polish will transfer air bubbles on your nail when you apply it.

• I found just ONE thing in these articles that I approve and it's part of my current manicure routine, but I will talk about that in the next future...

In conclusion, I see that these sites definitely don't deserve attention; I don't know if the majority of foreign sites are like this, or it's just a lack of "nailpolish-culture" here in Italy, but I've learned so much from reading blogs of REAL girls, who try and swatch and write about their own REAL experience, correct information is never copied!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Jamie K. said...

i think in Singapore it is the same, there are some kinds of mis-information too... :/ I was looking at some polishes in the store and the polishes have layers of oils(?) and colours so i shook them to get an accurate colour from the bottle quickly. The SA kinda scolded me not to shake it vigorously but roll it gently >.< well, i dont have the time to roll all the bottles for her! lol. tsk.

oh and about nails needing to breathe! ALL my frens told me that and i believed them till i thought about it last night lol.and you are absolutely right!!!! :D

thank u for the suggestion on my blog! ;)
<3 Jamie K.

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you Jamie, I'm glad this post was useful to you!

Shaking bottle can be "dangerous" only just before applying polish, but if you're in a shop like that, you MUST shake them, at least you can see the colour :D

sabbatha said...

You are right, I have warm skin tone and I look better with cold greens (and better with warm red) - my friend with cold skin tone looks good with warm greens and magentas, not warm reds.

can you please add a google friends connect field?:-)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi sabbatha!
I added the followers field, is that what you meant yesterday? I hope so :D

sabbatha said...

yes :P ty:)

maisenzasmalto (smALtY) said...

Quella di applicare lo smalto al contrario è mitica! Io ho iniziato ad imparare qualcosa leggendo le blogger straniere, qui in Italia cultura "smaltosa" effettivamente ce n'è poca rispetto ad altri posti (USA soprattutto). Aggiungerei all'elenco anche quella di diluire gli smalti con l'acetone!

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