Light up your nails!

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As usual, surfing on the web may lead you towards strange things.
Now I'm introducing you the LED nail polish bottles:

Did you ever see one of those? I noticed it's pretty diffused on chinese and taiwanese market, especially sold empty in various size lots.
I don't really understand in which occasion those bottles would help women - maybe when you're camping, in a tent?
Would you ever dare to apply nailpolish during nighttime just with the light of a LED? I wouldn't! :¬D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Blu11 said...

LOL,:D this is like one of those weird inventions you see in email forwards. If your polish chips at night, you can fix it in bed.

Smaltoitaliano said...

What if polish spills into the sheets? I can't even imagine such a disaster :D

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