Thank you Sasha!

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Nihirida's blog was one of the very first nailblogs I started reading months and months (and months) ago, and I compiled my wishlist practically while browsing her blog by categories, since I noticed we have very similar tastes colour wise.

Short time ago she set up a sale, and agreed to sell me some polishes I had in my wishlist (or not :D)

I know, again nothing extremely rare and/or new, but maybe the Studio M: "Energy Star" is something between a creme and a jelly, I guess it will be very glossy on its own.
Thank you Sasha :¬)

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 344 + Sinful Colors - Hottie + OPI - Significant Other Color

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Hi all :>
Here you have my last try on layerings, not bad at all, I think.
As you can read from title, I layered two more polishes on this Kiko, because I wanted a less simple look.

Full sun:

"Hottie" (one coat) gave sparkles and "SOC" (one coat) gave the green shimmer.

The characters:

I like it even in shade, and you can see the texture of "Hottie", seriously it has glitters of all shapes, even iridescent chunks, I like it.

Only flaw it's density: it's so full of sparkling stuff that its consistency is like glue, maybe I'll add some drops of thinner next time...


"SOC" changes colour depending on the angle, it's a VERY nice green-pink duochrome!

... But beware of your own nails :D -.-°

EDIT about wear: this is a combo of three polishes, but it stayed perfect for three days about; today is the fourth day and I got two chips on thumbs, but other nails have just a little wear on tip, so... Good for me :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Kiko - n. 344

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Hi :>
Quick description this time, because it's a nailpolish creme, but it deserves a post on its own, because it's a great colour, even if not very original or unseen.

I call it a jade colour, more than a mint green, because it's a tad bluer than the classic "milk&mint" mix.
Maybe a liiiittle greener in real life, but you know well these kind of colours might confuse cameras...

Anyway, very nice formula, these are two easy coats without top coat because later I added two more layers of... Somethin' else :D
Glossy and leveled without problems.
I already compared it here with a well known nailpolish to show you differences :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


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I'm talking about me buying little bottles... And I reached 200 of them! :D

First two: Revlon "Royal" and Deborah "Rainbow Blazer":

No, I didn't retouch pictures or anything, nor is the blue a reflection from "Royal",
rainbow is REALLY that visible!

Finally I caved and bought the other Deborah I liked (here's the first post about these new Deborah).
Nice, don't you find? Lower part of picture shows the base colour, it's like a reddish chocolate brown - definitely NOT my colour, but I can't resist to multichromes (or iridescent?) shades, so due to the fact it's pretty sheer too, I think I'll use it for layerings :>

About Revlon "Royal", you already know it, if you own it...
If you don't have it yet, it's THE royal blue jelly polish, a shade I'm literally IN LOVE, and you can see it from the next picture, where I compared the other two pure blue jellies I own:

From left: Layla Ceramic Effect n. 13; Layla Bijou n. 208 and Revlon "Royal".

They're absolutely the same polish, lol; n. 208 is a tad lighter probably just because I applied less liquid, but I can swear they're dupes.
Do you think I do care about that? No, and that's why I bought "Royal", I wanted a good supply of blue jelly!

Only flaw of "Royal" was that I had to pay customs fee - €11, mortacci loro(*).
It happened too when I bought "Mint Apple" by Sinful Colors (I had to pay €14, if I don't get wrong :^[ ), but regardless of that, Sinful Colors started selling polishes in Italy right after my purchase, at €4,90 each...
Luck isn't my best friend, I guess.

Bud did I say Sinful Colors?
Monday I made a trip to my local mine of Essences, and I found they had SC display too! I searched for "Daddy's Girl", instead I found - and liked and bought - "Hottie", a gorgeous cooold blue jelly with glitters of all shapes.
Did you already think about layering it over one of those blue jelly? I did!

Together with "Hottie", I decided to try a crack polish - obviously dark blue - so when I saw the new crack-polishes collection by Debby, the young division of Deborah, I picked n. 01, but there was a turquoise too, a mint, a yellow, a pink, etc.
Lately they expanded their range of colours, but I'm not very fond of them, don't know why well... Maybe I'm just trying to contain myself, they're usually €4,90 each for 7,5 ml, but this time I paid €3,90.

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

(*) colorful expression from modern Roman dialect where you insult a person by insulting his/her dead relatives' souls :^D

Orly - Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

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I decided to wear this Orly from my last swap, because it's too much beautiful in the bottle :D
I'm thinking about creating a label "favourites", because this one goes straight in my top-group of nailpolishes!

I know it's a Christmas colour, but I think that spring/summer light enhances its richness better, it's not a plain forest green!

Daylight (°___°):

Full sun:

I LOVE how it changes from dark emerald green to subtle blue/even purple!
These kind of nailpolishes are waaaaay better indoor, as direct light lets glitters to sparkle to the maximum level, but this effect "kills" the depth of colour.

I'll retry it during winter times to see differences ;>
Now I just have to browse my entire blog and spread out the "favourite" label :D

EDIT about application: not the easiest, I must say. I put three coats, but you have to be very careful while applying it because glitters wouldn't always distribute well on nail's surface. Or maybe I'm too picky, don't know, but I noticed some areas where jelly base was more evident, like there weren't glitters enough in it to completely cover the nail... Anyway, WHO CARES with a colour like this? :D

EDIT about wear: today is the sixth day of me wearing this colour; left hand shows just tipwear, right hand has some chips on a couple of nails, because of peeling nails - unfortunately, nailpolish doesn't last so much on nail surface that loses thin layers :^/
But to me this nailpolish has a very good staying power :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

No-r-way swap!

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Since I've started this blog, I became an unofficial European Kiko dealer, as many girls saw these polishes all around the nailblog community and requested some in their collection.

I'm lucky living in Milan, where there are 3-4 Kiko shops (and more, not counting the ones in malls near outside), so I can easily find all I want, it's just a question of $ :¬D

Regina contacted me and asked for some purple Kikos, in exchange for some lemmings of mine from my wishlist... GREAT lemmings, I should say!
Here they are!

1) Orly "Snowcone" ♥

2) Nubar "Verde": even if it's not that verde, I love it!

3) L.A. Girl Flare - this one has no name on it, but Regina told me it's a dupe of "Groupie" (maybe this is "Midnight Diva"?)...
Anyway: dark duochromy GLITTER purple, I know isn't that new and that now there are many dupes, but... Today I have this one and I'm happy :>

4) Misa "Toxic Seduction": a little less blue than I imagined, looks like a green Sabbatha sent me - here another picture of it -, but more shimmery... Doesn't matter, it's love :D

5) Orly "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe": SO SO jewel-like, I think it will be fabolous under the spring sun!

6) Zoya "Edyta"... I know, it's pretty equal to "Verde", but I don't care, I guess that means I'll have 30 ml of the same AWESOME colour :P

7) Color Club "Wild At Heart". Nothing to add ♥ ♥ ♥

8) Zoya "Ivanka", looks like melted emeralds infused with gold particles...

How many hearts I put in the text? Haha, sorry about that, blame to Regina who sent me these beauties, THANK YOU again!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

H&M - Fashionista + Mavala - Agena

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At first I didn't know if I liked this mani, but surely after adding flakies, it can only got better :D

Final result in shade:

And full sun:

Shimmer too is duochromy, not just flakies! See that green sparkly dust all over the nails? :>

Indoor shot, artificial light. It becomes warmer indoor and, to my eyes, is much more shimmery:

Two coats of "Agena".
It's a Mavala polish from the Jeans Galaxy collection of summer 2008 2002, but I've never heard of this colour on web, I just saw it last year (or more?) in a Mavala display, and couldn't believe my eyes seeing a so pretty combination of delicate coloured jelly base, little rainbow flakies and pink-bronze shimmer (more visible in the indoor picture), and by Mavala too! Known to be as one of the most-boring-shades nail polish makers :^D (they changed habits months ago, I have to admit it...)
But Agena is a real gem, it's waaaay more sparkling and luminous to the naked eye

I started with the old "Fashionista" by H&M, a bright frosty violet.
I'm not used to frosty polishes, so maybe I can't apply them, but application was difficult, or maybe my bottles needs a couple drops of thinner; but I'm not sure about it, polish it's pretty liquid, but glue-y too, I don't know how to describe flaws of the formula.
I applied two coats, but had to retouch several bald areas.

So, thanks to its fatty little brush too, result was a long job of clean up AND loooong drying time :^/
Nails were still dentable after hours from application! (and I even always use a quick dry spray...)
I like its colour, but the formula isn't the best.


Full sun:

There were some sparse and tiny bubbles too, guess because of the bad drying time.
Am I the only one who had problems with it?

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Comparisons: Essence, Deborah, H&M, Rimmel and Kiko

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Uhmm, you know your collection is growing out too much when you can find in it similar items, especially after buying some new ones :^D
Maybe I should focus my wants just to my wishlist...
Anyway, three comparisons, hope they will be useful to someone out there!

First one: H&M's "Bella's Choice" vs Kiko n. 344.
Even if these are all colours my camera gets crazy with, I think you can view subtle differences anyway.

Both two coats.
"Bella's Choice" is a little brighter, while n. 344 is dustier; same colour, though.

Second one: Rimmel "Blue My Mind" vs Essence "Chacalaca", strangely this time my camera captured colours very well!

It was VERY difficult to take pictures of them!
They're pretty the same colour, BUT "Chacalaca" contains a drop of indigo which makes it a liiiiiiiittle bluer than "Blue My Mind"; "Blue My Mind" looks like a true purple next to it, but this is more visible to the naked eye.

The ACTUAL difference is in the formula, because the Rimmel one took three coats, while "Chacalaca" is a one coater. Excellent!

Third and last one: Deborah "Emerald Bijoux" and Essence "All Access":

Bottom left picture shows how they become blue in angled full sun.
Differences are more visible in real life, anyway: "Emerald Bijoux" is sheerer - took three coats - lighter, and more duochromy, while "All Access" is so dense - one coater again! (but I put two) - and definitely green, even if you can spy some duochrome reflects in the bottle (look my previous post).

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Something new :>

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Spring collections are everywhere finally, so I had the chance to get some nice new adds :>

From left:

- Deborah - Prêt à porter n. 25 "Emerald Bijoux", I'll talk about it later;

- Essence n. 57 "Can't Cheat On Me", a weak silver holo. I tried it on my boyfriend :D, but it took al least three coats (it's pretty watery, not patchy like the Gosh one) and holo effect is very subtle, even in sunlight.

- "Chacalaca" from the Whoom! Boooom!! collection, this is the only one colour I was interested in...

- ahem, Kiko n. 344, lightly dusted medium mint (more muted in real life).

The first one is from a spring collection of new 40 shades by Deborah (Kiko too made 40 new colours, what's the secret meaning of 40? :^D), here you can check them all better.

A great choice for all tastes, but I only noticed three or four colours:

Here's the swatch of "Rainbow Blazer", it's really a strange duo-trichrome, but its base is a light brown so, not very flattering on me :^/
"Knock Out Violet" looks like Zoya's "Mimi", it's pretty.

After buying "Emerald Bijoux", I compared it to Essence "All Access", since I noticed they're pretty similar:

They have the same duochrome side, but "All Access" is more dense and greener, while "Emerald Bijoux" is sheerer, has a dark grey base and it's in general more muted, even if I guess that duochrome is more visible on it when applied on nails than "All Access".

Maybe I'll swatch them side by side later :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)