New March things... Again, pt. 3 °________°

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And now, the third episode of my shopping suggestions :D

As you know, Essence renewed its collection and made a lot of great products this spring.
As soon as I stumbled accross an updated stand, I grabbed all the items I was interested in which I spotted previously on other blogs:

These are almost €20 of beauty items (an eyeshadow brush too over there) :>
While taking pictures of all of them, I realized I lost that lilac bottle in the foreground (n. 97?), I don't know where it is.

Anyway, here they are:

From left: "A Lovely Secret", lilac with pink shimmer (one of the most original shades of this season from Essence), "Gold Fever" (not a me colour, but I liked the small dark gold glitter, even if there are some red too :D ), "Passion For Fashion" (dupe of Kiko n. 333, oh well -.-)
The lacking lilac (lol) I guess is another dupe of another lilac Kiko I bought in the past... Maybe n. 338?

Next, we have the new (for Essence, duo polishes are as old as Methuselah) duo-trio Nail Colour³.
I picked them just for the shades you see in the picture below:

From top to bottom: the chunked-flakies-in-a-raspberry-syrup-base "Party All Night Long" (name of the duo: n. 02 "Shopping Trip In Soho"): how beautiful? To the naked eye i'ts brighter and pink-er, not as dark, but it's way different from "Princessorize", which is a HOT pink base.
Othe half is a Barbie pink with a Barbie pink shimmer >.<

In the middle, I tried to show you the stunning shimmer of "Ticket To The Show" (same name of the duo, n. 06); balck base with multicoloured shimmer, I hope it will show well on nails :>
Other half is something very similar to a Fontana Contarini one, the second from the left you can see here. Or a lighter version of "Gold Old Buffy"? I think you get it.

Last, probably a dupe of  Nfu-Oh n. 52, which is my favourite Nfu-Oh even if I don't have it :D So, when I saw these 4ml of  beauty, I fell in love istantly. It's called "City That Never Sleeps" and it's the duo n. 01, "midnight Date"; I have to say the other half of this duo ("Midnight Date") is great too, as it's a saturated dark blue with subtly duochrome shimmer. ♥

Finally, flakies top coat arrived in Italy too, so I picked it, useless to point that out :D

Next, Kiko released its summer collection (even if we have autumn right now, to be honest), you can see it here, but I have to say that polishes aren' that great, for me at least, you know why...
BUT there's a blue, and I can' resist it:

Kiko called these "duochromes", I think these are sure "chromes", not always "duo" :D
This blue, n. 398, is a dark indigo chrome blue with almost black edges and a subtle purple side - I don't think it will show on nails...
I wanna warn you it's a little on the sheer side (I guess three coats at least, we'll see it later), but I don't have anything like that and probably tomorrow I will find the most pigmented blue-with-dark-edges by another brand, but who cares :D

Last, my Swiss-nailpolish-partner Lisa got me two of the "new" Catrice top coats, together with a couple of little cute things :>

Top part of the picture, from left: C05 "Return Of Space Cowboys", gunmetal base filled with colour-changing micro-chunkies-glitters ♥ ♥ and a bottle of Sinful Colors "Let Me Go", which I always wanted, but always read as well about its terrible quality; since she had it for swap, I decided to take it for frankening purpose, let's see if I'll get something good out of it :D

Bottom part of picture, from left: Lisa made me a surprise present and included in the packet one of the new Deborah Scarabèe n. 70 "Twinkle Star", a champagne metal-chrome with a blue-green side - see the swatch here by Stregalice - thank you!
On the right, C06 "Godfather Of Pearl", a stunning mix of lighter micro-chunkies-glitters in a semi-milky base; I noticed that glitters are almost the same of  "Return Of Space Cowboys", but they surely contain something more, like tiny silver glitters which make "Godfather Of Pearl" lighter and a little more luminous.

Will these top coats arrive in Italy too? I still don't know, that's why I asked Lisa to get me them, as we say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...

nice stuff! :> I also got this lilac Essence and black duo :)

La Bisbetica said...

I always love your hauls! Those Catrice toppers are stunning, too bad this brand is not easy to buy for me... Hope they made something similar for the Essence range too.

Simona said...

Quante belle cosine >_< Il pennello ancora non sono riuscita a trovarlo, sparisce non appena lo rimettono nello stand!

Smaltoitaliano said...

sabbatha, duos aren't anymore duos :D

La Bisbetica, I'm glad you like them! I don't know if they will be available in Italy too... Lets' wait some more time :>

Simona, se ti serve, posso cercartelo qui :>

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