Wibo - n. 355 + Essence - Princessorize

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Et voilà, how to get a STUNNING colour out of a GREAT one? By adding a sheer little gem!

(artificial light, MOST TRUE TO LIFE!)

I mean, do you see the purple I obtained?
It was so... purple my camera almost freaked out :D

(artificial light)

That's why "Princessorize" is a HOT pink jelly, a little colder than my picture shows (impossible to catch the exact shade of pink for me), and when you layer it over a blue, like in this case, you get a VIBRANT purple :>

(artificial light)

Look a t the dark edges ♥
Clearly, all the glitters and little chunks contained in "Princessorize" are way more beautiful in real life, and camera can't picture all their deepness in one shot.
First picture I put in the post shows a little how the glitters become red at certain angles *_____________*

(artificial light)

I think the metallic-foil Wibo helped this combo a lot, the blue was visible under neath the glitter layer.


Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures in direct sun, and the one above was the only good shot in daylight, but I think you can see pretty well the deepness of this purple ;>
I love layerings :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

AAAAH! Uno smalto della Crazy Good Times. Crepo di invidia. T_T

(ma mi banni dal blog a vita se dico che "Wibo" mi fa pensare ad una marca di wurstel?!?!)

Ere Kanezawa said...

Che bello *__*

Ulmiel said...

Whoa, awesome!

sabbatha said...

wow, just wow :D

Fab Fingertips. said...

Stunning, stunning!!

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