Wibo - n. 355

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First of all, let me say you I HATE this new Blogger version, it doesn't work as it should and you have to adjust things (text, pictures) every minute.

Anyway, some days ago I tried this great blue Sabbatha sent me: in the bottle it doesn't show all its beauty...

 (artificial light)

On the nails, it's a true metallic, almost chrome, nailpolish, I don't have anything with this texture :> 

Maybe is this a true foil nailpolish?


What you see on my thumb nail aren't bubbles, it's just the metallic reflection of this Wibo. So saturated!

These are two, smoooth coats, it's very pigmented and, for what I can remember, it dries pretty fast.
Do I have to repeat that Polish polishes are the best? <3

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Foil? Blue? Ti piace vincere facile con me, eh????? AdoVo! :)
(non sono ancora passata alla nuova versione di Blogger. Non mollo, eheheheh)

sabbatha said...

it looks much better on you than on my nails :P

Rose Sélavy said...

OMG, this one is looking cool I gotta buy it as soon as possible...it's so easy to get them over here and I don't have this one (I always fear such finishes will look frosty on nails). Scandalous. :P

Smaltoitaliano said...

Cristina, sulle tue unghiazze ( :D ) starebbe parecchio bene :>
Anche io fino a poco tempo fa resistevo, poi un avviso minaccioso di Blogger (del tipo, "fra un po' elimineremo per sempre questa semplice grafica, vedi di abituarti alle complicatezze della nuova versione fin da ora") mi ha convinta a cercare il dialogo con la novità...

sabbatha, really? :D

Rose Sélavy, it's not frosty at all! Looks just like molten metal <3

Elsa P. said...


maisenzasmalto said...

Oh io sto litigando con la nuova versione da un bel po'...
Bellissimo questo...0_0

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