New March things... Again, pt. 2 :P

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Hello again :>

Fortunately I found a little time to write second part, but I have to admit I already have a part three, at least :° :D

Ok, you might have noticed the picture below, so words are useless to us nailpolish fiends:

This is Layla "Green Galaxy" (from the same range of "The Butterfly Effect"), and don't be fooled by the picture, its jelly base isn't teal, but PURE AWESOME green, so green my camera made the hexs a little tealish. ♥ ♥

Do you remember I said italian cosmetic world gets better and better lately? Well, finally flakies came here, I imagined a large container of flakies arriving by the sea :D, and many brands picked a part of it; after Layla, now it's the turn of Deborah, which even gave us the blue flakies!!!11

Orange bottle contains our classic orange-green combo, while the lilac one is the blue-green combo ♥

Next, the obligatory purchase :D (just in case you don't have a third or fourth bottle of this colour...) (no, I don't have four, I own the Sephora one only :D ) (two bottles of it é__è )

Catrice "Genius In The Bottle" looks a little warmer from the swatches and comparisons I've seen in other blogs, so, well, technically isn't a true dupe.

But it's Spring! Even if temperature falls from like 25°C to 14°C, I wanted some lighter colour, so I picked these two cheap choises:

Essence "Viva La Green" (a tad darker than Essie's "Turquoise & Caicos", damn!) and NYC n. 264 "Lincoln Square Lavender", which is not a lavender, as you can see if you don't have a disease in your eyes; it's a very nice dusty-but-not-dull cold rose. I like it and wanted a pink like this from a long time!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


sabbatha said...


Simona said...

Ci pensa la Kiko a tirarti fuori un altro Peri-dupe! Hai visto le foto della collezione estiva? ;)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Lol, a little nailpolish fairy peeped out in my comments :D

Simona, vero, le ho viste oggi pomeriggio :D Che dici, entro l'estate tireranno fuori anche loro i flakie? Magari non nei soliti colori? :D

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Curiosissima di vedere i Debbbborah! :)
Io avevo visto solo l'arancio in giro, il viola se lo son già spassssulato ovunque!

marox79 said...

Your NYCs are different from ours. I think yours are the same as in The Netherlands, the US and the UK, as far as I'm aware of.

gnoma said...

mi dimentico sempre di passare da sirene blu per vedere se c'è quel layla, devo dire che non ho niente di simile <3

Smaltoitaliano said...

Cristina, qua l'ho visto più volte, se ti serve fa' sapere :> (scommetti che se lo cerco per te, non ne trovo più neanche uno? :D )

marox79, we have more than one type of bottle from NYC, I can't recall the difference, but they're in the same stand, probably they're just two formulas :>
But why dont'you have both? :^/

gnoma, neanche io, ed è veramente coprente, penso basteranno un paio di passate :>

Anonymous said...

That Layla!!! Bella! and I love the Deborah topcoats, you are so lucky! :-)

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

quel deborah 3d mi fa taaanta gola!

maisenzasmalto said...

Sono ancora piegata in due per il "disease in your eyes"!!!
Urge ricerca flakies azzurri Deborah!

hermetic said...

Nice buys! Love those flakies from Deborah, I hope these will be widely available

Smaltoitaliano said...

Fab Fingertips, now flakies are available in almost all countries!

Alice, cedi, cedi pure :P

maisenzasmalto, ora che me lo avete fatto notare, effettivamente vedo che quelli azzurri spesso mancano nello stand...

hermetic, thanks :> I really don't know if they're an italian "exclusive", do you have the Pret-à-porter range in your country?

maisenzasmalto said...

Ah ieri ho visto solo gli arancio, a 8,5 euro mi pare...Son rimasti là!

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