China Glaze - Flying Dragon + Vipera Jumpy n. 154

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Told you I wanted to layer something else over "Flying Dragon" :>
Well, some time ago I made my first swap with Sabbatha ( ♥ :D ), and she sent me two lovely little bottles... of red nailpolish.

I'm not a red nails girl, but I have to admit that those bottles contain precious shades - I'll show you it later -, so I always wanted to use them.
The darkest one I already somewhat used here :>

This time I completely layered the lighter one over my previous mani and this is the result:


Eh, I liked it :D

Awesomeness of this red is shown next, but you've already noticed on nails above the subtle duochrome glitters this shade contains, right?

(shade/full sun)

In reality, this shade is mostly a carmine red (so, a pinkish red) jelly with duochrome fine glitters, and when layered over a dark colour it gives it a pink touch.
You can see it's pretty well pigmented, I applied just one coat (plus top coat) and it definitely changed the purple underneath!
Moreover, don't my nails look like made of tinfoil? Super smooth and super reflective!

(in the sun)

Beautiful in the sun too :> Very very sparkly, but it's a sparkly vampy mani.
It twinkles in shade too ♥


Under an artificial light, which is warmer, it looks a true red glitter, so it's a little Christmas-y, but oh well, who cares, I'll wear it only out of Christmas-time :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


NaszL :) said...

ooo my godd :))) great great greatt..perfect lacquer :) follow you.

Olivia said...

What a divine combination, they work so well together. :)

Ivana said...

This is even prettier than Flying Dragon, like really really amazing. :)) Love it!

AmyGrace said...

*drools* Gorgeous layering!

maisenzasmalto said...

Un layering al contrario rispetto a come avrei immaginato :-0...Stupendoooo <3
Se trovo quello che sto cercando (e tu sai) magari provo a fare lo stesso sul mio Flying Dragon!

GothamPolish said...

This is stunning!

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi Nazsl_, thank you!

Thanks Olivia, I tried and result was pretty!

Ivana, prettier than FD?! Thank you!

Thank you too AmyGrace, I liked it so much even if it was basically... a red mani!

maisenzasmalto, in effetti ci starebbe bene!

GothamPolish, in the real life it was much more sparkly!

marox79 said...

@Smalto: I've often read in the terms&conditions from Ebay sellers that they don't ship to Italy, so I suppose your customs officials are probably not very nice. Do you have the same problems with stores located in the EU?

Smaltoitaliano said...

Hi marox :>
I didn't buy anything from EU e-stores yet (for what I can recall!), but today I received a letter from customs, they're holding my Kleancolor parcel, and I have to send to them documentations, so they can apply their fees and ship the parcel to me :°°°

Anyway, I think that receiving parcels from EU doesn't get customs' attention, my experience so far (eBay EU sellers) tells me so :>

sabbatha said...


Smaltoitaliano said...

Like it? :D

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