Mavala - Velvet + Essence - Viva La Green

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Believe me or not, this is one of my favourite manis of 2012 °_°

That time I wanted a discreet colour, but I knew I would get bored quickly, so I thought adding a twist of colour, and I still had to try this new Essence...

(outdoor daylight, a little washed out...)

Characters: Mavala "Velvet", always liked this rosy-browny-nude, I think it looks good with my skintone (you can notice the usage level :D ) and Essence "Viva La Green", which is a bright pastel green, not fluo, but so so bright - the ideal partner for the calm "Velvet" :>

I must admit it took me a little patience to achieve this result, but I think I did a good job, since that I used two really different colours, don't you think?

I applied two (or three? Damn!) coats, then I started sponging the green on tips, just like a french manicure: I needed several steps, but in the end I succeded in melting the two colours.

(indoor, low daylight)

Look at the whole hands shot, don't know why, but I really really LOVED this combo!

(outdoor, daylight, again: washed out)
This time too I topped all with Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat, it helps a lot mixing colours when you do gradients.

Argh, too many pics, I know, this is what happens when you like something :P

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


hermetic said...

Such an unusual but interesting combo, I think it works quite well!

Maki said...

Awesome combo! :D I wish I could do gradient nails...

QueenMiSeRy said...

Non è per niente mio, quanto a colori, ed è un dato di fatto. E allora perché mi piace?
Il mix è veramente azzeccato. Trovo anch'io che la combinazione dei due smalti sia proprio perfetta, sebbene siano due poli opposti. E poi l'idea di una french spugnata mi piace molto di più del procedimento classico. La rende più digeribile alla mia vista.
YAY! <3

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Brava, brava, brava! È davvero stupenda, esecuzione esemplare e combinazione azzeccatissima!

tamit24 said...

looks PERFECT! I love this colour combo.

stregalice said...

Ma sai che mi piace?
Il rosino non molto perché tende al marroncino e sai che con i marroni ho pessimi rapporti (peggio che col grigio!) ma con quel verde sta proprio bene :)

sabbatha said...

wow this is beautiful, seriously *.* I need to recreate it!

Smaltoitaliano said...

hermetic, thank you!

Maki, just try and you'll do them!

QueenMiSeRy anche a me la French non piace :D Ma penso che la combinaizone funzioni anche per noi amanti del blu-viola-teal perché c'è comunque un verde freddo :>

Ma grazie, PeeBeforePolish!

Thank you and welcome, tamit24 :>

stregalice, ma ricorda che io ho la pelle a base gialla :D, quindi un rosa "marronato" mi sta meglio :D

sabbatha, I'm glad you too liked this one, didn't imagine such a success :D

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