Kiko - n. 291

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First post of 2013... with an old colour :D
And it's not even a blue!

This is a colour I wore around mid November, but right now I just applied a MAGNIFICENT blue I'll post in the next weeks, so you can trust me I started the new year with a "me" colour :>

Anyway, this is an "old" Kiko shade, but I think it's still available for sale.


Purple-magenta-who-knows-which-damn-hue-of-purple-this-is-called creme nailpolish :D
As always, Kiko cremes are the best you can get here in Italy in my opinion: easy and quick application, good to very good coverage, quick drying, extremely high shine.

(outdoor daylight)

These are two coats without top coat: told you about the shine :>

It changes a bit under different lighting conditions: I took a flash pic by chance, so I decided to include it as well to show the hue; lower part of pic shows the colour in shade, it becomes almost a berry purple!

This was the base for a little experiment I'll show you next time :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


Aly MaiSenzaSmalto said...

Mi piace, forse ce l'ho, non saprei nemmeno io come chiamarlo...Ciclamino??

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

I LOVE KIKO polishes! I like your photography of it, too - you can tell that what you're seeing in the picture is very close to the colour in real life!

GothamPolish said...

This one reminds me of SOPI Domestic Goddess! It's a great shade of purple to wear gold glitter over, or any color glitter really :) Happy New Year!

Smaltoitaliano said...

MaiSenzaSmalto, mh, sì, potrebbe essere un ciclamino, ma boh, forse è un po' più spento e scuro? Però è bello!

Welcome back, The Student's Guide! You just made me the biggest compliment, that's just my blog's aim!

Happy 2013 to you, GothamPolish :>>>
You almost guessed my "experiment" :D

sabbatha said...

What an amazing shade <3 I love it, it looks so great on you <3

QueenMiSeRy said...

Mi sa che cèlo, e se non cèlo mi piace! :D

Marie B said...

Wow!!! This nail color is so pretty. I really love purples that is why it has truly caught my attention. I wanna have one of this =)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Thank you, sabbatha <3

QueenMiSeRy, se non celài penso che tu possa ancora trovarlo!

Hi Marie B, I'm glad you like it :>

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