Last new buyings of 2012

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Looong post today... better start NOW :D

Sinful Colors!
Don't know why, but SC finally decided to import more interesting shades here in Italy, here's my first two picks:

Left: "Kissy", right "Blue By You".

I made some quick cap swatches and a little comparison:

1) "Blue By You"; in these pics, bottle shots is true to life: it's an electric blue base with turquoise, mmh, flecks? Don't know how to call this kind of shimmer, it's grainy. Instant love.

2) Essence "Choose Me!", compared with 3) "Kissy": they're very similar, as you can see "Choose Me!" is sparklier, that's why it looks greener. Maybe Probably you don't need both :D

Next, it's a great Pupa shade from their Déco Christmas collection:

This is n. 811, the "green" one, but as yu can see, it's not only green ♥

Since that I'm a true professional swatcher, I've even made a gif :D

(on the nails, Q by Colour Alike n. 118)

Golden-sage green to purply-bronze, how much awesome is that? Too much.

(almost sun)

Sinful Colors again :D
This is the famous "San Francisco":

Honestly, this is simply GREAT :D
It's green, but it has also a strong blue side, look at the cap swatches.

Bottle appearance it's pure green in real life (like the left swatch), but pictures captured more of the blue you can actually see, don't know why :D
Anyway: COOL.

Ok, let's change brands.
A while ago, Shaka released a collection which you can surely recognize as inspired by something else well known...
Being Shaka distribution a true disaster, almost no-one saw them in real life, I only eyed  CH2 "Purple", and CH3 "Emerald", which I bought.

On the right, another Astra Holo, n. 708 ♥
They're both super-pigmented; "Emerald" isn't the most original green-teal-goldish reflects you can find on the market, but we're sick, and we buy things we like in multiples :D

Last two brands (with swatches!), Rimmel and Catrice.
"Rock Royalty" by Rimmel is darker and deeper, has some purple sides and a beautiful shimmer I can't define at this moment :D (looks pink...)

Actual awesomeness is the left Catrice shade, a new one: "Steel My Heart".

Nailpolish bottle cap says this colour has a "brushed metal effect", and you can see from the cap swatch that it's true: "Steel My Heart" is a mat bronze metal nailpolish, honestly I've never seen a finish like that and I like it very much!
Two coats on the cap without top coat.
Maybe it recalls the OPI suede finish? I don't know, I don't own any of them, but this is GREAT, you can notice the colours of shimmer, blue, purple, green, pink...
I bet it'll be stunning with top coat! 
BUY IT, if you can.

If I remember correctly, there's at least another "brushed metal effect", more on the blue side, but it was a little too grey for my tastes...

Last Catrice, a gold one, "Oh My Goldness!"

Yes, I bought a true gold, but, hey, this is molten gold in a nailpolish bottle.
Swatches show the shimmer, this varnish is a clear base with micro gold shimmers, VERY shiny, rich and precious.

Uff, what a marathon, if you read all this post, you really like me :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)


QueenMiSeRy said...

Mi hai appena fatto venire voglia di Kissy e Blue By You.

Il RimmelLondon lo guardo da quando è uscito, sto resistendo. L'ha però comprato una mia amica. :-/

Elsa P. said...

Ma che bello quel Pupa! Io ho presso quello dorato ma sono molto curiosa di vedere com'è questo una volta applicato!
Ah, e sai la novità? Hanno cominciato a mettere alcuni smalti Shaka anche nel mio OVS, ma solo alcuni colori (abbastanza brutti) e acquistabili in dei pacchi da 4...mah...spero solo che la collezione venga ampliata presto!

Anastasia Yamshchikova said...

wow you have one of my favorite blues ever :) I love Rimmel Rock royality so much and I can't find 100% dupe of it. so, other polishes is pretty too, good choice! :)

Simona LightYourNails said...

Atsra-Shaka-Catrice-San Francisco *_________*
E non dico altro!

stregalice said...

Mmm, ma sei venuta a frugare nel mio cassetto? Ho tre quarti di quello che hai postato!
Approvo in pieno su tutto! :D

Uff, devo proprio darmi una mossa ed andare a cercare Catrice nella città vicina, sì sì, ne ho bisogno!

Smaltoitaliano said...

QueenMiSeRy, hahaha, anche io ho preso e rimesso a posto quel Rimmel almeno cinque volte (in cinque diverse occasioni) prima di comprarlo - colpa del prezzo -.-
"Blue By You" dev'essere tuo...

Elsa, ho visto anche io quei cubetti, li hanno messi anche nell'Upim sotto casa, invece di rifornire lo stand... Mah!

Hi Anastasia!
Just sent you an email, and I'm glad you like the colours ;>

LightYourNails, hai già detto tutto :D

stregalice... che ce lo diciamo a fare? :D

Cláudia said...

Wow this shaka and this astra is very beautiful. Show us in your nails :)

Smaltoitaliano said...

Ah, I'll try them soon, Cláudia, even if I tend wearing older shades first :D

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