Ados - n. 579

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Hands down to this BEAUTIFUL gem from my first swap with Sabbatha!

Do I really need to describe it?

Three coats of this stunning blurple-with-turquoise-shimmer precious shade are on my nails (plus a coat of Better Than Gel Nails top coat).

I remember I thinked about RBL's "Scrangie" when I first saw this Ados, but I don't know how much they're similar.
Nothing bad, as I LOVE n. 579!

I'm glad we had sun those days (rare thing here in Milan during winter!), look at the colours!

Sorry for the image bombing.

Look at it when in shade too *_________________*
Subtly duochrome shimmer, but I even wanted to show you how the Better Than Gel Nails top coat makes my nails smooth and... polished :D

Straight in my favourites!

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Sinful Colors - Dream On

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Sinful Colors, why are you so expensive in Italy?
€4,90, but I always wanted this magic purple, so finally I bought it.

And I'm glad I did it!

WARNING: this is NOT as you see here, it's much more dark and BRIGHT, and you won't find a true-to-reality picture on the web, I can swear it :D

My best picture of "Dream On" is the next one, taken in artificial light, so, again, colour it's not really this one...

"Dream On" it's not so pink, not so cool, not so light... I don't know how to describe it, please see it with your own eyes :D
In general, I can say it's the same colour of some species of Bouganvillea, VERY bright, I always liked those flowers (ok, they're not flowers, they're leaves, but that's ok :D).

It's a true neon purple nailpolish, so it dries absolutely matte and in few nanoseconds -.-
I applied three coats.

See how much it's glossy? Here I topped it with the Better Than Gel Nails top coat from Essence: GREAT glossiness, but after two three days my naisl were already chipped a little...
I must say they remained glossy after one week too, an effect I don't get with regular clear nailpolish.
Oh well, I'm curious to use that top coat on top of glittery and sparkly things :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

New arrivals... including a special one :D

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Yeah, november buyings...
This time I included a very special one, you'll see "it" later :D

Do you remember the Fontana Contarini polishes?
Last week I purchased some for a girl who saw my posts and wanted the duochromes, so while there I snatched a couple (well, more than a couple :D ) for me too :P

From upper left:

- n. 76, strong amber/pink copper duochrome.

- n. X (doesn't have any sticker on), it's a clear base infused with irregular shaped glitters - like microflakies - old gold coloured, very beautiful.

- n. X again, darkest teal jelly *_*

- n. 51, it's something like China Glaze's "White Cap", but its glitters are soo tiny and multicoloured, I spied gold, orange and green... We'll see them better when I'll wear it :>

- n. 65, STRONG duochrome from lime green to orange/pink <3 Imagine it over black...

Above, a picture in the sun (yeah, SUN!) and, below, the duochrome of n. 65: isn' it beautiful?

At first, it reminded me of "Prism@tic White", but fortunately n. 65 it's much more sheer, not pearly/milky at all, so it's great for layerings :>

Then, a new Layla Ceramic Effect, a blue one with tiny silvery white glitters, and "Old Gold Buffy" from the Essence's Vampire Love TE.
Seems like I'm in the mood of old goldy shades.

Last from Essence, base and top coat from their Better Than Gel Nails range.

I already used the top coat a couple of times, and the base coat one time, because I didn't have time to do a full coloured manicure, but I'm not completely satisfied at the moment, especially with the top coat: it makes may nails so shiny for all the week, but it's way less durable than my regular clear varnish top coat, I got chips I never usually get after only two or three days of wearing...

Well, it's the moment of our (me and my boyfriend) special new "buying" - no, I didn't buy it :D
We got it one week ago...

This is Coal :D
Black male Maine Coon, positive FIV, one year old, he's born on November 1th *_______________*

I'm in love, it's my dream cat <3 :D

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Revlon - Emerald City + Zoya - Edyta + Gosh - Rainbow

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... And here it is "Emerald City" a little revamped :D

These are very dark days, weather wise, so I wanted something sparkly. I mostly wear black clothes, so I think this was a good idea to bring a little touch of light on me :>

This is a simple sponge design, just done with two colours. The actors:

First, I sponged "Edyta", which I'm in love with *_* What a great shade of olive sparkly green!

Then, I applied "Rainbow" by Gosh... well, you know it :D

Not much to say more about these gorgeous colours, they're beautiful on their own AND combined together :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)

Revlon - Emerald City

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Long time no post, hi all!

This has beeen a very long week, but at last I made it and here I'm catchin' up with colours ;>

This was a nailpolish I wanted for a long time, then, thanks to Sabbatha, I got it quickly without any worries: at that time I couldn't find any Revlon shades but the boring reds, pinks and pearly nudes...

Though I don't wear mattes (I tried them, and didn't like the result, I think with mattes you must have PERFECT nails), I decided to try this and then to layer over it one coat of top coat: what a beauty!

First of all, if you din't own it, I have to underline the perfect formula, it's like zabaione! (a mixture of egg yolks and sugar)
It lays on the surface of nail evenly and without flooding towards cuticules, never experienced something like that!

Plus, colour is rich, and being a matte, dries faster than acetone on your skin :D
I applied it before going to bed, it was already past midnight, and I did it all in half an hour, two QUICKLY coats.

I LOVED the subtly grainy texture: with just one coat of topcoat, you'll obtain a leather-like surface, NOT a glass effect, look at the pictures :>

Now that these Revlon are available in Italy too, I suggest looking for them, and this one won't left you disappointed, it's a rich forest green very cozy and a great option for autumn colours, other than the reds, coppers and golds :>

Have a nice day/night/whatever and thanks for your attention ;¬)